Inlay Bike Coaster




Introduction: Inlay Bike Coaster

Here's a fun bike coaster. I made it at Techshop!

Step 1: Design and Cut

I used Corel Draw to design it. I completely cut out the bike with the laser cutter.

Step 2: Stain

I took all the pieces apart.

I stained the bike mahogany.

Stained the outside pieces golden pecan.

Using a rag, dip it in stain and apply to the bike. For the outside coaster, make sure you go with the grain.

Step 3: Glue

I used wood glue and a paint brush. Paint the outside of the pieces and place in the coaster. Once all the pieces are in place, let dry. I purposefully made the bike proud of the rest of the coaster, but didn't make too good of a surface if you want to sand after.

Step 4: Clear Finish

Once the glue has dried, it's ready for a clear coat. I used a water based urethane. Apply in the direction of the grain and let dry. I applied two coats

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