Inline Berkey Waterfilter for 2 Inch Pvc and Water Barrels





While out roughing it water is the most important concern.  So we put togeher a water filter system to gravity feed from one 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel to another.    The top barrel had a hole cut in the bottom side and a 1.5 inch pvc connecter installed.  1,5 inch was chosen for the upstream sections of the system because it is cheaper.   There may be more to come on upstream system development.  

Step 1: Parts

One berkey water filter +
   -1/4 wingnut for threaded nipple(this one was a semisoft air filter cover plastic replacement wingnut)

one rubber or leather gasket

one 2 inch threaded pvc plug

one 1.5 to 2 inch pvc connector

one 2 inch to 2 inch threaded pvc connector

one 18 inch piece of 2 inch pvc

one 90 degree male to female (this may chage according to how you attach to your barrel)

Step 2: Drill Hole in 2 Inch Plug and Insert Wingnut

Yeah wingnuts are REALLY wondrous and useful.   Some of them don't seem practical but they are much needed.

Step 3: Put Gasket on Berkey Nipple and Screw Into Plug With the Wingnut

Step 4: Lower Threaded Couple Over Filter and Screw Into Plug

Your thing should look like this...

Step 5: Slide 2 Inch Piece Over Filter and Attach 2 to 1.5 Coupler

I knew we could do it!

Step 6: Add the Connector You Wish to Use to Connect to Your Barrel

Yarrrgh,   yup that IS a pirate fish!

-bluegill notes:
Hey I like to use silicone sealant for some of the connections and yup it can get a little difficult to clean up when ya gotta fiddle the system.   SO THE BEST SEALANT TO USE has been a little beeswax mixed with cooking oil.   Or even bacon grease if you are critter kitchen.   I also like to put a silver spoon or other silverware in the upstream pipe...   It actually DOES kill microbugs...
-the fish, it swims



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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    """While out roughing it """
    you haul along two 55 gal drums
    and use """Why did you make a water filtration system with dirty pipe? """
    just dont understand this.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    and yes I do, especially when setting up a weeks long basecamp


    6 years ago

    Why did you make a water filtration system with dirty pipe? Also you could sink the clean water barrels on the ground like cisterns and it would allow algae to grow. It would also allow you to sturdy the layout up with it on that stump it might blow off and break. Just a few things I seem from the pictures.

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    Also not good to use that metal fitting in their it will rust and leech toxins into your water.

    1 reply