Innovation in Quilling: Refillable Quilled Writing Pen




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This pen is 100 percent made of paper and takes very little time to make. It can be an adorable gift from anyone like you for anyone you love. NO doubt pen is a very popular and usefull gift item but when "it's handmade it's more valuable".

Items needed

  • Quilling paper of 3 different colour: Blue, Silver and Black used here (on choice)
  • Glue and crystal sealant(pvc cement glue used here)
  • Empty Refill

For Decoration

  • Quilling Needle
  • white bead

Step 1: Quilling

Quill long strips of each colour around an empty pen refill and glue the ends.

  • 8 cyan stripes
  • 5 black stripes
  • 2 silver stripes

Step 2: Shaping

Push the round shaped quilled stripes into cones. Use end of a pencil or Pen to make cone shape.

Step 3: Decide Your Favourite Colour Sequence

Take an empty refilland arrange your favourite combination.

Take the cones out.

Step 4: Insert and Glue

Glue the conical part excepting the last line and the holes.

Stick next cone of your favourite Sequence.

Step 5: Making the Top

Quill a half black stripe and stick inside the hole of silver cone with half of its width outside the last silver stripe.

Step 6: Glue the Top.

Glue the inside of the top part. Donot put any glue an the black part in the top as it should be flexible for closing the pen.

Step 7: Seal With Crystal Sealant

Seal the pen with sealing transparent glue. Do not glue the top black part.

Step 8: Use Gift Enjoy

Write Memories.



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    2 years ago

    Your pen looks great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Frame like painting, too good