Intro: Inruduction

Hi! I am Kalhev an amateur painter. In this “instructable” I will show you how to create a creepy style with this simply assassin character that was born in the deepest of my mind!
Hope this help you! Let’s begin!

Step 1: Just Begining

Begin with a clean screen. Is preferable to use a tablet and Sketchbook to make this drawing-

First make the beginning draft of your drawing. Just draw the position and divisions (neck, arms, legs and head) of the body- 

Step 2: Making Details and Inking

Then add the face expression (if your character is angry, happy, mad). Add more details like clothes and face wrinkles, shape of the shoes, erase borders excess. You don’t have to add any color yet-

Now it’s time to ink your drawing. In another layer, with a thin black pencil highlight the borders you want in your drawing. Be patient and make a smooth contour (this layer is going to be called “main layer”)-

Step 3: Coloring

Thin the lines with the eraser you can skip this step by using a really sharp pencil in step four-

Use a base color, for the head in a different layer than the “main layer” add shadows and glitters in another layer (same with teeth and eyes) and low the opacity to get a better work-

Step 4: Coloring-II

Paint the sweater with a dark or sad color for example: grey, black or white. Add the color in another layer. It doesn’t matter if you get out of borders! You can erase them easily-

Step 5: Adding Cloth Effects

Paint (in this case) blue stripes. Follow the cloth- 

Now color the trousers and the belt using the same technique of the sweater. Also with sad colors-

Step 6: Shading Trousers

Add shadows like this ones in the trousers-

Step 7: Angel Wings

Paint the shoes with any color you like. Is advisable to use dark colors and put scary faces on them-

Improve the outline of the wings, giving them a fluffy texture. They are NOT bat, dragon and bird wings. They are angel wings painted in dark blue-

Step 8: Coloring- III

Paint the main color to the wings. Use a different one for the upper part of the wings-

Add shadows to the wings, they are curved –

Step 9: Feather Details

Put details in the feathers like white edges. They doesn’t need to be a lot-

With this textured pencil add texture with a dark blue to each feather. Paint them diagonally-

Step 10: Playing With Opacity

Play with the opacity and finish the wings with a star shaped pencil. As you see the wings doesn’t need to be finished in the back part-

Step 11: Background?

Choose a terrifying picture for the background. I choosed a chest radiograph-

Make smooth edges for the background. Mix the character, the colors, the wings and the background all in a same layer- 

Step 12: Steal This Drawing!

We are almost done. Don’t forget to sign your drawing. Someone can steal it! 

Step 13: The Final Cut

Okay we already finished the work. Wasn’t it a lot? Thanks for viewing this instructable!
I hope this helped you!
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    8 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I feel hope when I see a young boy showing his creative ideas !!! CONGRATULATION, keep going


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Please create a story with this Assasin character, it´s great!!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Please create a story with this Assasin character, it´s great!!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It is gratifying to know that you people like you have the necessary imagination and enthusiasm to achieve what you want I congratulate your goals always will be in your way


    5 years ago on Introduction

    there some good drawings in de contest. it's a very creative congratulations


    5 years ago on Introduction

    There some good drawings in the contest, but I love yours, it's a very creative and new halloween character. ☝


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot for your comments! I will appreciate any extra advice about my work! Remember to vote for the one you liked most. Regards!