Insane Child Leader From Alice Madness Returns




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This was a fun collaboration I did! I hope you guys enjoy even though it's creepy.

Step 1: Outline

As always go ahead and outline with a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 2: Eye Ball

to create the eyeball I went under my bottom lash line with white, then filled in my water line with a white eyeliner.

Step 3: Skin

To get that pulled skin look I filled in my eye piece with that peach color from Mehron, then I used a matte red eye shadow from BH to start that shadowing, then I grabbed a black matte eye shadow from BH and deepen up the shadows and also add some pull lines.

Step 4: Staples

To add the staples I used silver from my Mehron metallic pallet.

Step 5: Shadowing and Pull Marks

Using blacks and browns I added shadowing around the staples and also added pull marks and wrinkles. I also used a little white body paint to make highlights.

Step 6: Head Slit

I used red from my wolfe effects pallet to fill in the head slit.

Step 7: More Staples

I used silver again to make the staples on the head.

Step 8: Lots of Shadows

I used blacks and browns again to add shadows into the blood, slit, and around the staples. I again used white body paint to highlight.

Step 9: Mouth

I used that peach color to fill in the lips and gums.

Step 10: Shadows

I used red and black again to add shadows.

Step 11: Teeth

I used white to fill in the teeth, and back to fill in the rest. I also used a detail brush to go around the teeth.

Step 12: Shadows

Even MORE shadows

Step 13: Repeating Steps Again

I used silver again and added it to the end of the mouth to make it look like it's being pulled.

Step 14: More Shadows and Pull Marks

AGAIN I'm using browns and blacks to add more shadows and pull marks, be sure to shadow around the staples.

Step 15: Blood

I did the same thing I did on the head on the blood coming out of the mouth.

Step 16: Body

I used white for the shirt, then used some red for the blood on the shirt.



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    2 years ago

    I see you posted another one. And again superb work. You make them look 3D and that is because you pay attention to colors, shading and such. I have to ask a few more questions. First, where do you get your inspirations from? Second how long does a typical paint project take to both prepare and paint? I know we see the video, but I know it takes a lot more time then the video shows. And third, do you draw out your paint schemes to have a go-by during the actual painting effort?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Well it can take anywhere between 2 to 7 hrs of prep and painting (not including clean up or video edits that would be another 2 to 5 hrs). Sometimes even longer. I only sometimes sketch it out, sometimes I just wing it, but I do almost always have a reference photo of some kind. If it's a character from a video game for instance I will just look that character up and have it on my computer screen while I paint.. but sometimes if I have an idea that i'm not sure how to make I'll sketch it out, and yes sometimes I do just start painting without any picture or sketch. lol. For inspiration? It's normally whatever I'm feeling or maybe sometime waht i'm into.. Movie, games, cartoons, books, ect. Sometimes I just take my subscribers ideas and make my own because I get excited when someone has an idea for me. lol. I sometimes don't know where my inspiration comes from, it will just pop into my head.