Insect Robot !!




Introduction: Insect Robot !!

Insects are everywhere, basically because of its size and ability to reach every corner. In this tutorial it is explained how to make an insect robot.

Step 1: Insect Materials

The required materials for the robot insect are:

- one 3.5 Volts coin battery

- Screws and nuts

- Acrylic

- Smartphone motor

- A green LED

- Micro switch

- Cable and wire

Step 2: Insect Assembly

The firts picture of this step shows the circuit for the insect robot. As locomotion, the vibration of the motor while turning will be used. The assembly should be performed as shown in the pictures. It is important that the battery has a proper contact with the wires, specially the one in the middle. One challenge consist on the assembly and soldering of small components.

Now it is ready, it is time to set free the insect robot. And remember, have fun making robotics !!



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    14 Discussions

    this sounds like a cool proj :)

    Not a real robot, but still looks like a fun project for kids!


    2 years ago

    Excellent! So, it is about the vibration of electromagnet, like ticker timer?

    1 reply

    The small motor starts making tunrs, and the unbalanced piece in the shaft makes the vibration, somehow like the ticker timer

    Definition of Robot

    "A re-programmable, multi functional manipulator
    designed to move material, parts,
    tools, or specialized devices
    through various programmed
    functions for the performance of a
    variety of tasks"

    - Robot Institute of America

    1 reply