Insecta Drones

Introduction: Insecta Drones

About: I am an artist and educator. Currently I am teaching sculpture at Laney College.

This is a maquette for a large public art sculpture. The original sculpture which I created is 34"x 24"x 14'' and was reverse engineered in inkscape and coreldraw to achieve this size. All the pieces you see are cut from wood with a laser cutter.

Step 1:

There are approximately 100 pieces to assemble. Each piece follows a grid for easy assembling.

Step 2:

The center core is the best place to start building your fly.

Step 3:

Once the wings are added it becomes identifiable.

Step 4:

Finally all the pieces come together to make the Insecta drone. This maquette will later be enlarged to approximately 13 ft long, cut from a CNC router, assembled and place on public display as a giant insect. It will be created in wood and another one in metal.

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    The looks awesome. Is there a place that I can download the file?