Inserting a Contact Lens




This is a step by step instruction on how to insert a contact lens complete with pictures and tips.

Step 1:

First of all, make sure you know which prescription matches with the correct eye.  

*Note: Some people have the same prescription for both eyes, in which case, it does not matter which lens is put into either eye.

Step 2:

Take lens out of packaging.

Step 3:

Make sure the contact lens is right side out.  The lens should look like a bowl. 

The edges will curve outwards if it's inside out.  

*Note: If you cannot tell, put it on anyways. If it feels very uncomfortable, take it out and flip it.

Step 4:

Place the contact lens (for the right eye first) on your right pointer finger.

*Note: Make sure that your pointer finger is dry--> the contact lens will transfer better

Step 5:

Place you left hand on your head, then hold the top lid of your right eye.

Step 6:

Hold down the bottom right lid with your right middle finger.

Step 7:

Align the contact lens with the colored part of your eye (iris), while staring straight forward into the mirror. Use your left eye to watch.
DO NOT BLINK! Your lashes prevent the contact from touching the eye.

*Note: Contacts are made to fit right over the iris. Looking away  will not help you.

Step 8:

SLOWLY move the contact until it touches your eye.  The contact will then suction cup to your eye.

*Note: Do NOT shove the contact onto your eye. It will hurt.

Step 9:

Let go of the BOTTOM lid first, and then the top lid.  Blink a couple times....and voila!

Once the lens is on your eye and it starts to burn or feel very uncomfortable, you might
have a dirt spec on the lens or it's inside out.  Wash the lens with solution before reinserting it.

Step 10:

Repeat for your left eye, using the same hands and fingers.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for posting. I've been fighting with contacts for couple years. Nice to get a back to basics review. And also when other people explain how to do it, you don't have the luxury of looking at a still photo to make sure you are on track. I found Step 8 photo very good.