Inside-out S'mores

Introduction: Inside-out S'mores

Things are always more interesting when you turn them inside-out!

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Step 1:

Gather all Ingredients

Graham crackers
Small bowls of:
Chocolate chips
Powdered sugar
Chopped nuts

Step 2:

Break up the graham crackers to the number of s'mores you want.

Step 3:

Melt the small bowl of chocolate by putting it the microwave for 20 sec, then stirring, then repeating until the chocolate chips are melted. Dip all the graham crackers in the chocolate and put them in the freezer for 8 minutes. (This does actually work)

Step 4:

Use the number of marshmallows as you used for them graham crackers. Put them in the microwave for 25 sec. cover your fingers in powdered sugar or flour. Insert each of the graham crackers into the center of a marshmallow, then roll them in the chopped nuts, powdered sugar, sprinkles, or anything else you want. Enjoy!

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