Insta-Cloud in a Bottle!




Introduction: Insta-Cloud in a Bottle!

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In this video I will demonstrate how to make a Instant cloud in a bottle.

List of Items you will need-



Isopropyl alcohol/ Rubbing alcohol

Bike inner tube valve

Foot pump



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    I did this with ethanol and then I ignited it... Haha...

    I did this with my 2nd grade science last year.

    You don't need the alcohol.


    Very cold water

    4 feet of 3/8" nylon reinforced hose

    Rubber stopper

    (2) 3/8" brass coupler.


    Bicycle pump with pressure gauge.

    Step A: with a 3/8" drill (bit) drill a hole through the rubber stopper.

    Step B: Press one end of the brass coupler into the rubber stopper.

    Step C: Press the other end of the brass coupler.

    Step D: On the open end of the hose, press in the other brass coupler.

    Demonstration Time

    Step 1. In a 2 liter bottle, add 3 to 4 ounces of very cold (35-45 degrees) water.

    Step 2. Attach the hose to the bicycle pump.

    Step 3. Press the stopper end down on the two liter bottle.

    Step 4. Pump to 30lbs PSI.

    Step 5. Release the pressure. Fog/Cloud will appear.

    see the video

    might you be able to use this as a cloud chamber to observe particle tracks, you would need to have the bottle in the state where it is just about to form a cloud but nucleation sites are lacking.

    Yeah, i think Here's something wrong. Only titel Step 1 after that.

    there are no directions. just a list of items.