InstaMorph Carrier Bag Handle

Introduction: InstaMorph Carrier Bag Handle

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A handle to help you carry heavy plastic carrier bags comfortably

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

  • A bowl
  • Hot water (at least 60 degrees C)
  • Optional fork
  • Old coat hanger
  • InstaMorph!

Step 2: Soften the InstaMorph

Add the InstaMorph to the hot water. I used about half a packet for this. If the water is hot enough, the granules will instantly begin to soften and stick together.

You can use your optional fork at this point to grab any stray granules.

Once the InstaMorph is completely clear, you can fish the lump out with your fork. It is now malleable.

Step 3: Wrap the InstaMorph Around the Hook

Now that the InstaMorph is malleable, stretch it out into a long thin sausage shape. Make one end of the sausage a bit thinner, and wrap this around the coat hanger hook. Make sure you wrap enough of the curved part of the hook that it won't just slip out of the InstaMorph when under load - the plastic won't actually chemically bond to the steel, it needs a mechanical bond.

Step 4: Create the Handle

Loop the remaining InstaMorph around and attach it to the hook. I twisted it around a couple of times to make it stronger.

Next, grip the handle in the same way you would if you were carrying it. This will give you a handle that's moulded to your own grip, which will make it really comfortable to carry.

Step 5: Wait...

Let the InstaMorph harden. You can just wait, or you can speed up the process a little by running it under cold water. You want to be sure it's completely hard before you use it to carry anything heavy otherwise it's going to stretch.

Step 6: Carry Lots of Bags Without Hurting Your Hands!

Step 7: Optional Extra Handy Tip - Re-soften and Mould

Is something not quite perfect? You can use a hairdryer on the hot setting to soften up the InstaMorph a bit and then squidge it to perfection!

You could use another heat source instead, but you might not want to submerge a finished project in hot water again!

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