InstaMorph HEART Pin

Introduction: InstaMorph HEART Pin

items needed



pan with water


cookie cuter in the shape of a heart

pin backing

glue (I used glue gun)

oil (cooking oil is great)

plastic spoon


something to color it with (InstaMorph pigment pellets, Alcohol inks, marker, guilders paste, glass enamels)

This was created for the InstaMorph Build Night at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity maker's space.

Step 1: Preparing the InstaMorph

Put the InstaMorph into water heated to 140 degrees F.

Step 2: Ready to Work

You will know the InstaMorph is ready to work when it is clear. If using the InstaMorph color pellets add them now. See the instructions for color combinations and usage.

Step 3: Collecting the InstaMorph

InstaMorph will stick to other plastics. Using a plastic utensil gather the Instamorph together and take it out of the pan.

Step 4: Work the InstaMorph

Work the InstaMorph with your hands until it becomes a single glob instead of individual beads. If the InstaMorhph becomes to hard to work put it back in the water until it becomes clear again.

Step 5: Prepping the Mold

Metal molds do not need prepping but plastic molds need to be oiled or the InstaMorph will stick.

Step 6: Taking Shape

Flatten the InstaMorph and use the cutter to make the basic shape.

Step 7: Removing Excess

Once you have the molded the InstaMorph pull the excess off. (Do not toss the extra. It can be reheated and made into something else.)

Step 8: Shape the Heart

You may need to drop the heart into the hotwater. Once it is clear again take it out and smooth the surface and manipulate to the shape you want.

Step 9: Making Things Stick

glue the pin finding to the back of the heart.

Step 10: Coloring

You can utilize many coloring options such as permanent markers, alcohol inks, glass enamels, guilders paste, etc You may want to seal with spray finish or Mod Podge when done.

Let colors and glues dry between steps and before wearing.

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