Install Audi A5 LED Interior Lights

Introduction: Install Audi A5 LED Interior Lights

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If you've got a luxury car, like an Audi, you would probably want to up the ante a bit and revamp your interior. That can be easily done with a set of Audi A5 LED interior lights for a whole new look. With the LED interior package, you don't have to worry about finding the correct bulb size, since all the bulbs included are already proven to be compatible with your car.

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Step 1: Front Map Light

Use a pry tool to pop off the front map light cover. Remove the stock bulb and replace it with the LED bulb. Test to make sure it works. The LED bulb is polar sensitive, so if it doesn't light up, flip it 180 degrees and try again.

Put back the map light cover.

Step 2: Front Dome Light Assembly

Unscrew the screw holding on the front dome light assembly. Pull down the assembly and locate the stock front dome light bulb. Twist and pull out the stock dome light bulb. Replace it with the LED dome light bulb.

Put the entire front dome light assembly back in place the same way you removed it.

Step 3: Rear Dome Light

Take a pry tool and pop off the rear dome light cover. Remove the stock rear dome light bulb and replace it with the LED dome light.

Put the dome light cover back in place.

Step 4: Side Door Courtesy Lights

Side door courtesy lights: Use a pry tool to remove the side door courtesy light cover. Pop off the white plastic piece in the back and remove the stock side door bulb. Replace it with the side door courtesy LED bulb.

Put the housing back the same way it was removed.

Step 5:

Installing this Audi A5 LED interior light kit was as easy as swapping out the old stock bulbs for new LED light bulbs. You'll have a whole new LED interior in absolutely no time.

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