Install Django on ASUS Tinker Board

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In this instructable i am going to use python3.5 and django 1.11.5

Step 1: Requirements

Components required:

  • Tinker board with tinker os 2.0.1 and vnc
  • tightvncviewer software or connect desktop,mouse and keyboard to tinker board
  • active internet connection
  • get_pip file

Step 2: Procedure

Make sure that tinker board is connected to the internet.

Download file

Open the console and type following code. If you are using tightvncviewer then find out the ip of tinker board , login to board and open console

"sudo apt-get install update && sudo apt-get install upgrade"

"sudo apt-get install python-dev python3-dev"

navigate to

in my case its in Desktop

"cd Desktop"

execute this file with following command

"sudo python3"

this will install pip on tinker board

now you can use pip to install Django just type following command

"sudo pip3 install django"

goto to your home directory


type the following command to create your first django website

"django-admin startproject mysite"

instead of mysite you can give anyname.

goto the that directory

"cd mysite"

apply the migrations

"python3 migrate"

run the website

"python3 runserver"

visit to

if you are not getting any error then it working perfectly.

Thats it you have done

Step 3: Done


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