Install Ford F-150 Raptor Rear LED High Mount Reverse Tail Light


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This is an installation tutorial will show you how to install the red or smoked lens LED high mount tail light, reverse/clearance light assembly with optional rear fog lamp for the 2009-2014 Ford F-150 and F-150 Raptor edition. The installation pictures in this guide are based on the 2014 Ford Raptor, but the steps will apply to most other high mount 3rd brake light installations.

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Step 1: Remove Your Stock 3rd Brake Light.

Unscrew the bolts to take out your existing third brake light.

Twist to unlock the adapters. Pull out the halogen light bulbs from the adapters.

Step 2: Use the First Image If You Are Working With a Raptor, and the Second Image If You Are Working With a Standard F-150.

Step 3: Plug in the LED Rear High Mount Reverse Tail Light.

Plug the included 2-pin adapter into the rear fog-tail light connector if you are working with a Ford F-150 Raptor. Make sure you align the red wire of the 2-pin adapter to that of the fog/tail light connector.

The 2-pin adapter is included to minimize the number of modifications needed to install this LED high mount tail light assembly.

Connect the reverse light plug into either clearance/reverse light harness and wrap the other one with black electrical tape. Connect the running light wire to the rear fog/tail light plug.

Because the stock rear fog/tail light harness is a 3-pin adapter, you may have to try different slots to plug into.

Step 4: Final Steps

Test the rear LED high mounted tail light to make sure it lights up.

Once you've confirmed functionality, bolt on the LED reverse and tail light assembly and enjoy!

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