Install Gas Spring Monitor Mounts and Adjust Mount Capacity




Introduction: Install Gas Spring Monitor Mounts and Adjust Mount Capacity

Gas spring monitor mount allows you to adjust the monitor smoothly and precisely and is becoming more and more popular in the market. Gas spring monitor arms can handle a wide range of weight---the mount’s capacity can be modified by the simple twist of a screw.

I will show you how to install the gas spring desk arm (clamp approach) and adjust the arm's capacity using Loctek D7A

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Step 1: Hardware and Tools

Besides the hardware provided, you also need a screw driver
CAUTION: Be careful removing this strap, as the spring can quickly extend when it is released.

Step 2: Install the Mount Base (clamp Approach)

1. Use the included Allen wrench and screws to attach the bracket to the base. Be sure to put in all three screws for stability.

2. The anti-slip rubber mat is for preventing the base from sliding around the desk and protecting your desk’s finish. Carefully apply it to the bottom of the base. Also, locate this rubber ring and attach it to the knob.

3. The knob adjusts the mount clamp for the thickness of your desk. Slide the knob onto the bracket, and fasten it with a screw and Allen wrench.

Step 3: Install Bracket to the Dek

Position the bottom clamp against desk surface and fully tighten clamp knob

Step 4: Attach Monitor to Mount Arm

1. Depending on your monitor, you will use either the inner or outer holes. (Mine is 100x100 mm) Place the mounting plate over the holes and it will be apparent which holes to use.

2. Insert the upper screws first. Don’t tighten them all the way yet.

3. Place the monitor on the mount, then insert the remaining screws and tighten all four.

Step 5: Adjust the Joints

Adjust the joints for more or less fluid movement

Step 6: Adjust the Mount's Capacity

You might need to adjust the screw here to make the mount and monitor's weight equal so that the monitor can stop at any height.

1. If the monitor stays up after installation (i.e. monitor's weight<mount's currect capacity), adjust the screw in "-" direction (clockwise) to lower mount's capacity

2. If the monitor goes down (i.e. monitor's weight>mount's current capacity), adjust the screw in "+" direction (anticlockwise) to increase the mount's capacity

Step 7: Cable Management

Place the cables in the groove on the black plastic cable management device.

My cables were actually too short to move the monitor exactly where I wanted it, so I replaced them with longer ones

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