Install Heat Sink to Raspberry Pi B+ Model.




I am Professor, Young Scientist, Certified Software and Networking Professional

Raspberry pi is a credit card size computer. This computer lets you
control many sensors and electronic gadgets with very simple python codes. The only problem with these computers is that they came with 512MB RAM. Many geeks over-clocked these computers for better performance. This over clocking generates heat and can burn the raspberry pi. One solution to handle this heating effect is to install heat sinks. Various articles and videos are available over Internet, which demonstrate the installation procedure but most of them will focus on raspberry pi model b.This article demonstrate you how how easily you can install heat sinks to Raspberry pi b+. Follow the simple steps shown in video.

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    1 year ago

    First that's not a B+, second could you have used any worse images to post.


    3 years ago

    Will the Heat sinks still do their job if I have a cover on my pi 3?
    Also the cover has some air vents at its base. Do you advise placing the heat sinks over them?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This video ( has some more information which includes testing the heat variables prior to installation and afterwards. I'll admit to some confusion, Mr. Pitale - wouldn't double-sided tape act as an insulator? I love the idea of a heatsink but am unsure what is the best installation method, as PCs use a silvering compound and clips.

    Thanks for posting this Instructable! I'm eager to make a Raspberry Pi for my kids. :)

    2 replies

    Thank you for your feedback. Ill have to make some experiments with it after that ill comment on the effect of double side tape.

    Thank you very much, sir! From my perspective, it never hurts to have more information. :)

    I'm just beginning my Raspberry Pi journey, and appreciate all of the hard work and innovation provided by the Instructables members to help make the journey as much fun as the arrival at destination.

    Have a great weekend!

    Great information, if you added some more text, like a parts list, extra photos and more steps you could really up your instructable game.

    1 reply