Install IJDMTOY Dodge Ram A-Pillar LED Pod Lights

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Looking to add something new to your 2009-up Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500? These A-pillar LED pod lights are the perfect add-on to your car! Installing these Dodge RAM LED Pod Lights not only adds more function to your truck but also looks great. No modifications needed so lets get started!

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Step 1:

Find the windshield A-pillar. Get the flap liner and pull back. When you do this there will be a bolt at the edge of the hood to mount the A-pillar metal bracket on.

Step 2:

Now mount the metal bracket on the bolt and secure it into place.

Step 3:

To assemble the LED pod light, take the U shaped bracket and then mount it onto the LED pod lights. Check out this video on how to do it.

Step 4:

These Dodge RAM LED pod lamps add a cool flare to your truck without the attention grabber like what LED light bars do. This gives your Dodge Ram a cool clean look with the pod lights on them and not obtrusive. Perfect for going off roading or for work lights.

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