Install Rubber T-molding Tranision Strip

Introduction: Install Rubber T-molding Tranision Strip

After having installed cork floors or other click together engineered flooring products, you may want to install transition strips, such as T-molding between the engineered floor and adjacent materials.

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Step 1: Materials

For this project, I chose Flexco transition strip track and t-molding. This is because I am using Fexco natural rubber tiles on another part of this project, but the system seems to work well to transition between other materials as well. In this case, I will be transitioning between the installed cork tile and an existing vinyl floor with cementboard backer.

Step 2: Softly Hammer Modling Into Track.

Not pictured: Ensure, before installation, that both materials are thick enough, or have a thick enough backing, t create a mechanical connection with the T-moldin. You  do not want to have space underneath the installed molding. Add underlayment if necessary.

Not Pictured: Tuck the track under the installed engineered floor. In this case, the tab on the track is under the cork. In general, it would be best for the track to slide under the lowest of the two joined materials, but in this case, the track could not be slid underneith the installed vinyl floor.

Lightly hammer the t-molding into the track. It will compress and then pull back up, creating a mechanical connection to each floor surface.

Use block to hammer underneath obstacles.

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