Install Tight Bike Grips With Safety Wire




Introduction: Install Tight Bike Grips With Safety Wire

Loose grips on a bike are at best an annoyance and at worst a major safety concern. Even the tightest grips can become loose if they get wet while riding. If other methods have failed you, or you want to install new grips the best way from the start, try this.

Tools and Supplies:

•Safety Wire (0.032" used)

•Rubbing Alcohol

•Pick (Not Shown)


•Lineman's Pliers

•Needle Nose Pliers

•Needle Nose Vice Grips

•Ball Pein Hammer

•Pair of installed grips or new ones

These are the recommended tools, but you could make do with only pliers with cutter if needed

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Step 1: Remove Grips From Bar

This is for removing and reinstalling your current grips, if you have bare bars and new grips to install skip to step 3.

Insert a pick or small screwdriver in the inner end of the grip and lift being careful not to scratch the bar. If the grips are very tight move the brake away and pinch the grip together to create an opening. Tilt the bike so bar angles down to the end, and pour rubbing alcohol into the opening. Now remove the pick, grasp the inner end of the grip and twist back and forth. The alcohol will migrate along the bar until you can easily slide the grip off.

While the bar has alcohol on it wipe it clean.

Step 2: Clean Bars and Grips

If your grips are very dirty it will help to clean them. Dish Soap and a nylon brush work well. You should also pull an alcohol soaked towel through the inside of the grip to remove dust and residue.

Step 3: Install Grip to Bar

With bars and grips clean you will now install. If you are installing new grips check that the brake clamp is positioned to allow full installation. Hold a towel to catch excess and spray hairspray on the bar. Push the grip straight onto the bar fully. Allow several hours for the hairspray to dry before continuing.

Step 4: Safety Wire the Grips

Here is an equation for how much safety wire you'll need if you want to minimize waste. For these grips 43" of wire was cut which left 5" excess at the end. Arithmophobes can just cut 40-50" of wire.

Fold the wire loosely in half and place at the position of your innermost wrap directed toward the front of the bike. Pull snug so it visibly constricts the grip, cross wires over each other and pull towards the rear of the bike. At the rear arrange the wrapped wires to sit nicely, pull tight and create one clockwise twist by hand. If your grips have channels arrange the wire twist to meet there.

Pull the wire straight and snug along the groove. At the distance of the next wrap clamp the wires into the vice grip medium tight. Now pull the wires straight away from the first wrap. Simultaneously pull the vice grips and spin clockwise. Twist the wire fully until it appears as pictured then release from the vice grips. If the base of the twist is too loose grip the with the vice grips nearby and spin 1-2 times with less pull. Over twisting will break the wires!

Bend the twisted wires into the grip channel and proceed to the next wrap. Repeat as before: pulling forward, crossing over and twisting at the rear. Continue to the last wrap.

Step 5: Finish the Wrap and Embed the End

At the last wrap twist out at least 1" of wire and cut on the twist. Locate a place to embed the sharp stub of wire, for instance the thick grip end. Bend the wire with pliers so it can poke into the grip where you want. Push the end into the grip. It will spring out somewhat. Use the ball end of a hammer to lightly tap the wire flat into the grip. Hammer along the entire twisted wires for a smooth result.

Repeat on the other side and enjoy having movement free grips.

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