Install Toyota FJ Cruiser LED Cowl Lights

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The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a great car to drive on the road and off-road as a sport vehicle. If you wanted to install some unique lights on this car, the Toyota FJ Cruiser LED Cowl Lights are a great option for someone who wants to add something new. These LED lights are a head turner and are great on the streets or on a rugged terrain.

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Step 1:

Pry open the panel located near the side window.

Step 2:

If you broke the clips during panel removal, it's okay! The package includes extra clips just in case.

Step 3:

Take out the screws circled in red.

Step 4:

Mount your new FJ Cruiser LED Cowl Light Bracket and screw it back in place.

Step 5:

Run the wires through the engine bay and tap the wires accordingly. Then put the panel back in place.

Step 6:

Mount the new Toyota FJ Cruiser LED Cowl Light.

Test to make sure everything works and repeat the process on the other side.

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