Install Wall Access Panel

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I (Steph) had a pipe leak in my master bedroom, right off the bathroom. To get to the pipe the plumber had to cut into the wall. After he fixed the pipe he suggested I install an access panel in order to easily access the area in case of further leaks which was a real possibility due to the age of the house. I could have patched the hole the plumber made, but it made sense to go ahead and install the panel on his recommendation.

Step 1: Watch the Video


  • Access Panel
  • Paint (to match wall)
  • Caulk (or other adhesive)
  • Keyhole (drywall) saw

Step 2: Buy and Paint Panel

Step 3: Trace Panel Size on Wall

Step 4: Cut Drywall to Size

Step 5: Remove Excess Drywall

Step 6: Put Panel in Place

Step 7: Use Caulk to Secure

Step 8: Test It

Step 9: Done!

Check out for more details!



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    2 years ago

    Seems you also created a hiding place for personal items.
    Love the face you make in the picture.
    Great project.

    1 reply