Install Windows 7 Builds 7057, 7068, and Even 7077!!

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First of all, i am not responsible for any of the builds posted on piratebay or torrentreactor, and it is really not my problem if you get any viruses from these sites, since they are known attack sites. As far as I know, i have used it so far with only a few tracking and malware viruses, but my antivirus suite took care of that(panda). So, without further ado, lets get started.

What you need:
A computer
a reasonably fast connection
no nagging roommates who complain about their connection
(this will take about 2-3 days to upload(1-2 if you're lucky), so be patient.)
Food stocked in advance
Money for the electricity bill(not for the energy-conservative)

Step 1: Get the Files

So, now, you should have a reasonably fast computer, at least a router or modem, definitely not a phone line, and a good security suite in place on your pc, as malware can infect your pc by just clicking on these sites.
So, head on over to:
and search for :
Windows 7
windows 7 7068
windows 7068
windows 7077
windows 7 7077
windows 7 build "7057, 7068, 7077"

Step 2: Download and Mount

So, now, use a client like bittorent or uTorrent and download the torrent. There will probably be an .iso inside, so drag that out to somewhere you know. Now, get an .iso burning program, or if you are already running Windows 7, there is already a program that will do this. For this demonstration, I used Magic ISO maker, which is not freeware(i brought it), so don't bootleg it off of Pirate bay, which i know(for a fact) a lot of people do. So, get the iso image, and mount it onto a dvd. pull the dvd out of the drive, and case it for later when you install it.

Step 3: Register for a Product Key

You can do that by going to, and register for one if you already have a windows live account.

For whichever version you have(x86 or x64), choose the right one. usually, it is better to get both if you aren't sure.

Step 4: Choose.. Upgrade or Fresh Install?

If you have Vista, you maight want to make a fresh install, since some of the projects that work in Vista might not work in Windows 7 (like skype), but users of Windows 7 build 7000 can upgrade, as it makes no matter on anything. So, its really your choice. I am multi booting right now, with linux mint and windows build 7077, and its been a good experience so far. not much bugs, but sort of laggy performance.

Step 5: Thank You!

Hope you have a good experience with windows 7, and you can always email me pictures at, and ill put them on this page! Thank you!


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Thanks to(so far):valuable feedback
Lemonie (for giving me invaluable feedback! look @ his achievments!!
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Step 6: Links, and Bibs on What Betas and Crap Are..

Windows Build 7077(by, x86) :

Windows Build 7000(if you haven't done so already, x86) :

Windows Build 7022(x86):

Windows build 7048(x86):

Windows build 7057(x64):

Windows Build 7068(x86):

Windows Build 7077(x64, magnet url):
(those asking what a magnet url is, go to for more information.)

More info for Windows 7 beta:

More information on betas:

Special Thanks to Mitchell12! thank you for your feedback.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    From piratebay. still, it will come out a few months from now, so be prepared to run linux or xp or, if you are uprgrading or downgrading, vista or windows 7. There will be 7 "flavors" of this, and you can find more on the pcworld website. thank you!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    With reference to your warning "and it is really not my problem if you get any viruses from these sites, since they are known attack sites" - would you consider adding to the Instructable that you used piratebay and as far as you know this didn't cause you any harm? Experience is good to share, particularly around dodgy-areas.



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The pirate bay isn't an "attack site" that's a ludicrous claim coming from a person who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. Like any site the pirate bay can be abused, check the comments and tags before downloading and you'll be fine. Also this instructable makes far to many assumptions to the readers skill level, Using iso's and torrents isn't something all users are familiar with and should be linked or documented better. I will Say I absoloutley love my windows 7 though, I'm running build 7000 and have been for months.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i have had malware attacks emanating from that site, so im pretty sure it is. With an honors in computer sciences, i think i do know what i am talking about. And, thank you for all of the feedback, lemonie and thiery, an i will take that into my consideration. thank you.

    The Malware attacks are in the files downloaded, which have nothing to do with the website. The Pirate Bay just hosts the torrent links, not the actual files. It has nothing to do with the website.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Any build beyond 7000 would be pirated. whether a experienced person can use piratebay without getting a virus or not isn't the issue. I run build 7000 downloaded from Microsoft with a Microsoft approved key. Is there a legitimate way to get the updated builds?

    3 replies

    Well, Microsoft is still providing keys, but yes, all other builds are from pirated sources. otherwise, it would not be on piratebay. You should update to at least build 7057, because if you are still running 7000, there are some major security and internal flaws in the OS, so that was really the only reason i updated. Anyway, watch out for the release of the RC1, because that will be the newest version of all. Also, unless you are friends with an employee at Microsoft, then there are no practical ways to get the builds. Yet. SP


    9 years ago on Step 6

    lol, i had a lot of searching to do.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    and, uh, guys, please rate my instructables please. Thank you!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    luckily i got mine just before they stopped hosting it at MS. will be dissapointed when it stops working in august :(

    1 reply