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Ok, so I am sure you have all wanted your own web-browser or other program on a computer that won't let you download or install them.  Well this is a shortcut that is easy and non-harmful.  So lets get on with it!!!

Step 1: First Things First, Get a Browser

So to do this you will need a mobile browser like the Opera or Google Chrome.  or

Ok, so now you can run your own browsers off your flashdrive, and if you wan't even put the files on your computer, but those modified versions of software are slow so what do you do?  Well you have to wait for an update you may be able to find an outdated version or a way to force update.  
I will be posting the the outdated usb drive version when I have a chance to pull it from a school computer sometime soon.
Normally you wouldn't be able to update software, but because you are running from your flash drive you can, instead of updating your flashdrive-version it actually puts the new files in the program files and installs right onto your computer.  Wonderful!!! No more ugly IE, and you can have your own look, and your own home-page.

old versions link: 

Step 2: Now Time for the Fun Stuff

Now you can play in-browser games, update flash and java, and download files.  You can do this with almost anything as long as you can make it run off of your flashdrive.  You can also download, and set your desktop background because nobody has set restrictions on your program you installed.  Now you must be careful because if a computer sync is performed to make them all matched it has a probability of installing your program on every computer on the network and then you will probably be noticed.  

Step 3: Games

I have minecraft and love to play it.  I never would play it at school or work, but if you wan't to here is a tip that may interest you.  Minecraft builds itself within the program, so it doesn't have an installers.  Just double click on the program right in your flashdrive and it will install to the computer.

Step 4: This Is Not Bad in Any Way

There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are using safe trusted software.  I don't recommend using games,  so you don't get in trouble.  
My goal is not to go against rules or anything like that, I am sure that every network administrator on the planet would love to have things other than IE on all the computers, but they don't have time, so we don't get them.  If my the school super saw my opera browser he would probably ask me to do it to his computer.  

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    Reply 2 years ago

    when youre at home go to the website you want to play on on fire fox (make sure to have AD block pro from there official website) move your mouse around where it says *Block* and right click it *save as* and then put it on a usb and enjoy where ever whenever


    1 year ago

    Whenever I try to install a program on the school computer (I'm trying to install FL studio 12) it says that I need the admin username and password. How do I bypass that?


    7 years ago on Step 2

    It won't install your program on every computer, school computers have a master that's set up and every computer gets matched to *that* every week (or whenever they choose, I've had different schools with different refresh cycles).

    So, it's unlikely you'll get discovered that way. It's not like one day everyone will walk in and have Minecraft on their machine or whatever.

    The important thing is to keep your saves on your flash drive, since anything on the local machine will be overwritten every time. If your school has a server system that keeps your student files consistent (anywhere that they tell you to save your documents, which should show up on any computer you log into) that means it's outside of the local machines and therefor above the wipe. Keep saves in there, if you'd like. Flash drives are still best, though. And you can bring them home to play the same game file.

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    Ok, well I just know that my old school (same town, just different grade levels) they would look around for the best looking computer and just use it, they didn't actually have a "master" one. Our IT people have really sucked recently so they just pick the one with the most programs because they are in a hurry.

    Thanks for your interest :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    Yep, but now they have that new fire wall that doesn't let anyone do anything really :(


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Be careful! You may be fired from your job or banned from school computers for installing unauthorized software. It'd be much better to contact whoever maintains those computers, and plead your case to have them install the software you want.

    1 reply


    Surely the author's intent was not to be destructive, but in most cases the systems are set up a special way. I worked as a it professional for a local college. There is no way for someone not familiar with the systems to know the results of installing software. You do not go over to someone's house and start working on their car to tweak it to your needs. Same difference. A lot work went into setting those machines up. What you may think is harmless may not be so. We put special software on student machines so that if someone tried to install software the next reboot would remove it. Instructors were on the honor system. Ironically the teachers were the worst culprits about trying to install their own software. Caused a lot of extra unnecessary work and time that could of been used to update and install new software for the students and instructors. As we go to more web concentric networks this may be less of an issue.

    In Texas:
    Sec. 33.02. BREACH OF COMPUTER SECURITY. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly accesses a computer, computer network, or computer system without the effective consent of the owner.

    This could allegedly be anywhere from a Class A misdemeanor to a felony depending on the damage. Consult your attorney for sure.

    One caveat, I have known some tyrannical systems administrators who did not know how to deal with users and unqualified techs who could not fix their way out of a box. Still you have to be a good guest when on other peoples property.