Install Zwave on TimeSquAir

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A 5-minute recipe to install Zwave on TimeSQuAir.

Ingredients :

  • 1 TimeSQuAir (Link)
  • 1 USB Hub (to make it easy to plus the Zwave GEN5 USB Stick)
  • 1 Zwave GEN5 USB Stick (Link)

Preparation :

  • No preparation needed

Step 1: Recipe

1- Import the ttb-zwave2 node (Import > Node > ttb-zwave2 > OK)

This step takes some minutes for the TimeSquAir to load the corresponding package, and install it.

2- When completed, reboot the TimeSquAir

3- A new node "Zwave" is available under the "Automation" tab

Put this new node in a new workspace and activate.

4- Plug the Zwave GEN5 USB Stick on the TimeSquAir throught the USB Hub, and restart Node-RED

You're done! Zwave is ready on the TimeSQuAir. You can now install Zwave devices.



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