Install a Backup Camera

Introduction: Install a Backup Camera

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How to install a Peak backup camera.

Step 1: Tools.

Today I'll show you how to install a backup camera on your vehicle.

Your Need:
1 Peak Backup Camera

1 flat blade screw driver
2 Philips screw driver
3 pair of pliers

Step 2: Install Camera

This brand of camera is wireless and fastens to the license plate.
Take the license plate screws and use the to screw the camera on.

Step 3: Run the Wires

I ran the wires up under the bumper to the drivers side. I put the wire under the carpet.

Step 4: Remove Taillight

Remove your taillight.

Step 5: Hide Wires

I had to open up the panelling to send the wires into the back of the taillight.

Step 6: Connect Wires

Connect your wires to the back up light. Make sure your polarity is correct. On this one the green wire was positive and the black was negative.

Step 7: Wrap It Up

Put your taillight back in and zip tie the wires securely.

Step 8: Finished

I'm sorry I don't have a video of it working but I don't know how to put a video on instructables.

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