Install a Small Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

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You've got a small - medium sized TV. You bought a TV mount for your TV. You want to install. Let's get a' crackin'

Step 1: Unbox.

Open the box. You should see a wall frame, bars that mount to the TV, some screws for the wall and some screws to mount the bars to the TV. Washers and spacers for the screws. This is a pretty simple mount. There's not much to look at here.

Step 2: Decide Where It Goes

Take a moment. Envision yourself being awesome. Surrounded by friends who have come to marvel at your, admittedly smallish HDTV. Maybe this is in your garage or kitchen? Whatever. You have a roughly 17" - 37" TV and you want to mount it to the wall. Good for you.

  • Figure out where you want it on the wall.
  • Find a stud. We strongly recommend a stud finder. There are many out there. You probably have one in your tool box. Find a stud and lightly mark its position on the wall with a pencil.
  • Place the wall mount frame against the wall, line a screw hole up across the stud position and position as you like.
  • Use the included level to make sure you're level with the Earth. We recommend having a friend hold this in place while you make sure it looks like you want it to look. For all you know your house it totally not level and you need to adjust the TV so it doesn't look odd next to the TV cab underneath it. These is a legit concern. Check it out before you drill.
  • Use a pen or pencil (we show a pen because we're being stupid - use a pencil) to mark holes at each corner screw position. Make sure at least one side is going to be drilled into a stud.
  • We'll say that again: Make sure at least one side is going to be drilled into a stud. You'll know you're in a stud because your drill will work hard. If you're drilling into sheetrock only it will feel like drilling into pudding.
  • Drill. Move the mount out of the way and drill at the 4 marked positions. Make sure the drill bit you're using is smaller than the screws. Otherwise...well, that's wrong. Don't do it. Your TV will fall down and you won't be awesome.
  • If there's a side that will no be screwed into a stud, use the sheetrock anchors. Drill a hole, gently pop them in and they'll be a more secure element to hold the screws in place.

Step 3: Screw in the Screws

  1. Pretty simple - place the mount frame back in place and screw in the screws. Use washers.
  2. Don't over screw, but make sure screws are fully flush and the frame is well secured to the wall.
  3. Don't test this by hanging on it. You probably weight anywhere from 150lbs to much more than that. This mount is made to hold an average sized TV, not your beefy (I mean muscly) body.
  4. Give it a solid, firm push down to make sure it is secure, then move on.

Step 4: Mount the VESA Bars to the TV

  1. Line up the mounting bars with the VESA holes on the back of your TV.
  2. Attach using screw into washer into hole. If, while screwing, you feel that you've hit the bottom of the hole and the screw is still not tight you'll need to use a spacer. In that case go screw into washer into spacer into hole.
  3. Screw until the bars are secure to the TV but do not over-tighten. You can damage the internal TV components if you screw the screws in too tight.

Step 5: Hang the TV

  1. This is the best part - hang the TV. Seriously...just...hang it. The bars are on the TV. The frame is on the wall. Now just marry the two pieces.
    • Note: you may want to run all your cables to the TV at this point. It may be tough to reach some ports once the TV is hanging on the wall.
  2. Find a friend or spouse or teenager who's strong to help you. Place the top hook of the bars on the back of the TV against the frame on the wall, so that the hooks lip over the top of the frame. Set the TV down ontothe frame gently, making sure the TV is catching and holding securely before you release it to hang on the frame.
  3. Once the TV is securely mounted, find the small screws at the bottom of each bar, to lock the TV to the frame.
  4. Turn on the TV and be awesome.



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