Install a Jumbo Articulating Wall Mount

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You have a big TV. You want an articulating mount. This will get you from A to Z.

You will need:

  • an articulating mount
  • stud finder
  • phillips screwdriver
  • Drill and drill bit
  • friend who is not a weakling

Step 1: Unbox

Unbox everything and lay it all out.The main components are

  • articulating arm - this attaches to the wall
  • VESA plate - this attaches to your TV
  • extension arms - in case your TV is really, really big
  • Assorted screws, anchors, washers and spaces - these attach stuff to stuff

Step 2: Find Stud, Mark Holes and Pre-drill

  1. Find a stud. You may want the TV perfectly centered on your wall, but you have to mount this to a stud. There's really no way around this. The good thing is - you have a motion mount. Once it is installed you can position it as you like.
  2. Use a stud finder to find the stud and mark the position on the wall using a pencil.
  3. Set the articulating arm into position. Be sure you know what height you want your TV at, or you'll end up with little holes all over your wall. I know from experience that this makes one's spouse less than happy.
  4. Use the included level to level the arm.Once arm is where you want it, mark the screw holes with a pencil. Or a pen, if you are devilishly reckless in life. Your choice.
  5. Remove arm and pre-drill screw holes with your drill. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the screws. This is important.

Step 3: Attach Wall Arm to the Wall

  • Once the holes are marked and pre-drilled you need to screw the frame to the wall
  • Position the frame according to the holes
  • Place screw through washer and place at the holes.Use the included screw wrench to screw the screw into the wall. If someone has a better way of explaining this, I would love to hear it. I'm tired of writing "screw the screw".
  • Make sure both top and bottom screws are firmly into position so that the frame sits flush to the wall with no wobbling or wiggling.
  • Also, make sure this is where you want it. It's no fun to take apart at this point and put more holes in the wall, but it's even less fun to do so after you've hung the TV.

Step 4: Attach Brackets to the TV.

  1. Line up the mounting bars with the VESA holes as shown.
  2. Make sure each bar is parallel to the other.
  3. Select the correct size screw for the hole on your TV. The reason your mount comes with several sizes is because there's several sizes of holes, depending on the TV size and brand.
  4. Screw the bars to the TV. Make sure it goes: Screw-washer-hole.
  5. If the screw doesn't screw all the way down you might need to use a spacer. In that case it would be screw-washer-spacer-hole.
  6. Tighten the screws securely, but do not over-tighten. If you feel resistance, like you're hitting the bottom - stop! You could damage delicate internal components if you screw into the hole too tightly.

Step 5: Optional - Extend the Arms

If you have a TV so big (make sure you're still within the size and weight limits for this mount - 60" and 65lbs) the brackets aren't long enough to reach the outer-most VESA holes - you need to install extension arms.

  1. Before you install the brackets to the TV located the extension pieces. You'll see how they slip into holes at the ends of the brackets.
  2. Use the included nuts to secure the extension to the bracket as shown in the image above. Make sure extensions are secure and tight to the brackets.
  3. go back to previous step to attach your new extended bracket to your TV.

Step 6: TV Mounts to Wall Arm

Now you're ready to hang the TV onto the wall arm.

  1. Get a friend. We're not joking. Your TV is likely heavy and you need someone holding the TV while you screw it to the wall arm. I've done it myself - it can be done. I almost dropped it on my toes and that would have been bad. For me. For the TV.
  2. Note the small screws that go in the middle of the two TV brackets. See pic. Lightly screw in the top two so that they're in place, but not all the way in. Do not screw in the bottom screws.
  3. With your friend, position the TV so these two top exposed screws pass through the corresponding holes in the wall arm. Then slide the TV down slightly so the screws fall into the narrow section of the groove. You'll notice the the bottom two screw positions match up to holes at the bottom on the arm.
  4. As your friend holds the TV and yells at your to hurry, tighten these two screws with the included Allan wrench.
  5. Next, you'll screw in the TV to the arm at the bottom two screw positions. Tighten.

Relax. Your TV is now hung and happy. We recommend holding it lightly as you move it around - to make sure all locks and screws are tight and secure. Your TV and mount should look like the final picture on this step (+ TV of course).

Step 7: Lock Vertical Pivot Screw, Run Cables

  1. Adjust the vertical angle as you like, then tighten the locking screws on the back to lock the angle into place. See pic to locate locking screws.
  2. Run cables through the detachable plastic cable cover. Take it off, run all your cables across the bottom on the arm, pop cover back on hiding and securing your cables.
  3. Have a party. Have a big party. Show off your swivel. Be awesome.

Step 8:



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