Install a Standard Flat Wall Mount

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You gots a new TV. You need to hang it on a wall. You bought a wall mount. Now what to do? This is an easy mount to install. Seriously. Let's go:

Step 1: Unbox and Check Out the Goods

If your TV mount is industry standard, you should see a collection of pieces like in the photo. There's the part that mounts to the wall. There are pieces that mount to your TV. Screws and washers and spacers. That's about it.

Step 2: Put Little Marks on Your Wall - Make Your Spouse Happy

  • imagine how awesome that TV will look mounted to the wall
  • think about all your friends coming over to watch an NFL game on that TV

Do you have that mental picture? OK, now you need to visualize where your TV needs to be positioned so that everyone loves you and wants to come over every weekend.

  1. Place the TV mount in said position.
  2. Find a stud. We strongly suggest using a stud finder. Figure out where the studs are and mark this on the wall accordingly.
  3. Re-postion the mount so that one of the screw holes is over a stud.
  4. Use the level to make sure it is level with the earth. Note: your house may not be level, so this doesn't always look best. Our old 1911 house in Dallas was like a a carnival fun house. The TV was mounted level, but the furniture around it was not. It looked weird. We suggest leveling, but that asking a friend, spouse or neighborhood kid to hold it there while you scope it out visually. You might want to adjust slightly so that it is level with your house and furniture...not the Earth. Just an tip.

Step 3: Pre-drill and Secure Mount to Wall

  1. Predrill holes using a small drill bit. Make sure the bit is a smaller size than the wall screw. For screw holes over sheetrock (no stud), use the wall anchors. Push them into the hole so that they are snug and secure. You might need to tap them into place using a hammer. Take care not the bend them - tap lightly.
  2. Start with the screw holes that go into a wall stud. Place the screw, through a washer, then through the screw hole in the wall mount and into position within the pre-drilled hole. Using a wrench, tighten the screw into place until it is pushing the mount securely against the wall. Move to the next screw that goes into a wall and repeat.
  3. Next screw the other side of the mount frame to the wall. If you are screwing into sheetrock anchors, ensure the screws are secure, but not overly tight
  4. Do not hang on the mount. I know you think that's a great way to test, but you will likely weigh more than the mount can support. Just give it a nice, strong push down to make sure you have it securely mounted to the wall.

Step 4: Mount VESA Bars to TV

  1. Line up the mounting bars with the VESA holes as shown. Make sure each bar is parallel to the other.
  2. Screw the bars to the TV.
  3. Screw-washer-hole. If the screw doesn't screw all the way down you might need to use a spacer. In that case it would be screw-washer-spacer-hole.
  4. Tighten the screws securely, but do not over-tighten. If you feel resistance, like you're hitting the bottom - stop! You could damage delicate internal components if you screw into the hole too tightly.

Step 5: Mount TV to Wall Mount

  1. This is the easy part - sort of. The bars on the TV. The frame is on the mount.
  2. Get a friend, or be strong, and hang the TV onto the mount. Simply center the TV to the wall frame and hang the top lips of the bars on the top of the frame. See the picture to see how it should look (minus the TV - which isn't in the pic so you can see how it all fits together).
  3. At the bottom of each bar is a small screw that helps lock the mount onto the frame. It is highly recommended that you take a screwdriver and tighten this bottom screw so that the TV stays locked to the frame. This protects your TV against friends bumping into the TV when their team just lost a playoff game. Or Earthquakes (looking at you Oklahoma).
  4. Enjoy.



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