Installation for the Aluminum Alloy Full Metal Tank Chassis T300



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Recently, a series of aluminum alloy full metal tank chassis are done from smartarduino, which can be seen in the Tank chassis link. Here, you would like know that the T300 is almost full metal, excluding the track. Certainly, one can change the metal track. But it is very expensive. So, if just realizes some functions on the tank chassis, you don't need to change the metal track. In my own views, the plastic track is enough. We have already test the bearing, it is no problem to bear 2.3kg on the tank chassis. So, in fact, below 5kg, it is no problem, I think. Ok, now, let's go on the installation for the metal tank chassis T300.

Step 1: Install the Bearing Wheel

a) Materials

The bearing wheel includes the following materials.

1) 17mm copper coupling: 3pcs;

2) M3*8 screw: 6pcs;

3) Stainless steel connector: 1pcs;

4) M2 screw: 1pcs;

5) Bearing: 2pcs;

6) WheelPiece: 2pcs. (Please align the location holes when installation).

which are shown in the following Figure.

a) Install the copper coupling to connect the two wheelpiece.

At first, install the three copper couplings

Connecting another wheelpiece. But please align the location hole when you install another wheelpiece.

Install a bearing to
the stainless steel connector

Finish the installation of the bearing wheel.

Two notes for
the installation of bearing wheel.

1) Align the location holes for the two wheelpiece;

2) Don’t let M2 srew connect the stainless steel connector too lighten.

Step 2: Install the Driving Wheel



1) WheelPiece: 2pcs

2) Aluminum alloy: 1pcs

3) 28mm copper coupling: 3pcs

4) M3*8 srew: 6pcs

5) M4*16 srew: 1pcs

6) Jackscrew: 2pcs

b) Install the Jackscrew to the aluminum
alloy coupling firstly.

Install the first
wheelpiece with the big hole one to the end of the aluminum alloy

Install the tree copper couplings

Install the M3*8 screws and M4*16 screw lastly.

Step 3: Install the T300 Tank Chassis.


Material list

1) Motor: 2pcs

2) LED light: 2pcs

3) Track: 2pcs

4) Panel: 3pcs

5) Power cable: 2pcs

6) M3*14 srew: 8pcs

7) M3 nut: 8pcs

8) M3*12 screw: 4pcs

Step 4: Sumarry

Some warm tips

1) when install the bearing wheel and the driving wheel, please note that the location holes must be aligned.

2) the track is connected one by one, so it can be connected to any length.

3) since there are many types of screws, so, please note the usage of screws.

4) when install the bearing, it may be tight, you can install it by some tools.

5) the completed document, can be download from

6) Many other tank chassis and accessories, can be visit the smartarduino/robotics.

7) the tank chassis can be controlled by the your APP. The tank kit is at smartarduino/WiFi Tanks. And more details about the WiFi kit can be see



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