Installing Four-Way Switches

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In this video Scott gives you a step by step instructional tour of how to wire and install a pair of 4-way switches in your wood shop. He will also explain how a 3-way circuit works.

To see written instructions for this video follow this link:



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have 2 four way and 1three switch in our kitchen. I replaced the 3way with a dimmer. I placed the tag wire on the black wire as per instructions. Everything works except when you shut off the dimmer then nothing works. The instructions from the dimmer said you might have to use 2 dimmers or rewire the 3way switch. What's going on?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    A pair of 4 way switches isn't any better than a pair of 3 way switches is it? I suppose a pair of 4 way switches allows for future expansion. I have a set of 4 way switches in my house someplace, I think in my kitchen. I got so many switches I can't remember what they all do!

    1 reply

    You can wire a pair of 4-way switches to act like 3-ways. I've never heard of anyone doing that though. Interesting question! I really had to think about that one... My first reaction was - no, that won't work. But then I drew it out (because I'm visual) and I see that you can. Good luck with figuring out that kitchen! Sounds like the electrician was exercising some short cuts! Perhaps he/she ran out of 3-ways and was too lazy to go back to the store...? Haha. Have fun and thanks for the question!