Installing Grove Library for Intel Edison

This instructable will teach you how to install Grove library and run basic demos for the Grove starter kit plus gen 2 on the Intel Edison platform.

The following material is required for this instructable:

  • (1) Intel Edison + Arduino breakout board
  • (1) Grove starter kit plus gen 2
  • (2) USB micro-B cables

Before you start make sure your Intel Edison is ready to use. If you just bought it then you need to install all the requiered software, drives and update the boards firmware. The following links explain in detail about the process:

Step 1: Download the Library

To install the Grove library follow this link to the github official web page:

Then in the right side click on "Download ZIP" button and the download will start automatically.

Step 2: Install Library

Locate the file, open it and navigate to the folders as showed in the images.

Copy the content of the folder to your Arduino folder (most of the cases under my documents folder).

Step 3: Arduino IDE

Open your Arduino IDE, if it was open before you copied the files, then restart Arduino IDE.

Now under "File >> Sketches" you will see some examples for your Grove Starter Kit.

Step 4: Connecting

From your kit we will only use the followng items:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Buzzer

Connect as showed in the images. Temperature sensor is on “A0″, buzzer is on “D3″ and the RGB LCD could be connected in any “I2C” slot.

Step 5: Runinng Examples

Now lets test every component. For this part we will use only examples to see if everything works fine.

Temperature Sensor

Open “File >> Sketches >> Grove_Temperature_Sensor“ and upload it.

Open your terminal, you will see the temperature that your sensor is "sensing". Try to put your finger on it and the temperature will change.


Now it is time to make some noise, open the sketch “File >> Sketches >> Grove_Buzzer”. Upload this sketch and you will hear part of the “twinkle twinkle little star” song.


Now it is time to test the RBG LCD, open “File >> Sketches >> Grove_RGB_Backlight_LCD >> HelloWorld“. This file contains interesting things like set the backlight color, display “hello, world!” and print the number of seconds since it has been working.



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    2 years ago

    My RGB LCD is only displaying colours and no text. I tried various settings, changing delay timings but no results.