Installing Memory Into a Asus A2000D Notebook



This shows how to upgrade the Asus A2000D model laptop and install additional memory, before doing so check the manual and find out the correct type of RAM and the maximum of memory you are permitted to install. In this case it was 1Gb.

Tools needed:

1 jewellers screwdriver
1 small philipshead screwdriver

Don't forget to ground yourself before working inside the notebook to avoid zapping the memory with static..

To start off, turn off your notebook.

Step 1: Remove Top Panel

Firstly you need to open the computer to get to the memory slots. Locate a hole on the right side of the top panel. It looks a little larger than the surrounding holes. Push down gently and slide the top panel to the right about 5mm.

Step 2: Pic: Button Which Holds in the Top Panel

Here you can see the part that you were pressing down on in step 1

Step 3: Pic: Locating Pins for Top Panel

This pic shows the 10 locating pins for the top panel

Step 4: Inside the Notebook

Flip over the keyboard. Remove the two screws which are holding down the plate which covers the memory slots. You can then see the two memory slots.

Step 5: Note Keyboard Connectors

Note there delicate keyboard connector position. Do not disconnect this cable but be careful when you are moving the keyboard.

Step 6: Install the Memory

Install the memory. Push the memory card into the slot until it clicks in and the two chrome coloured springs click into the side of the memory module. One memory card should already be installed, install the 2nd memory card on the other side.

If it doesn't fit you may have the wrong type. Do not try to force it to fit !!

Once you are done put everything back together and turn on your pc. Check the start up screen to see if the notebook recognises the new memory.



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    6 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 1

    Is it slide to the right ? mine seems stuck shut as a virgin. i don't want to force it as it might get damage. any recommendations on how to handle?

    could you show a picture wherein you have just slide it right to the 5mm please? where do you hold it to slide it to the right? thanks!

    1 reply
    Joe Martin

    10 years ago on Introduction

    These bloody laptops are evil, I have fixed many of them. One big problem is that when the heat sink gets full of dust and other crap the laptop refuses to boot! 5+ Well written, I have to make a 'ible about cleaning this laptop soon

    3 replies
    jeffrJoe Martin

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the feedback - where is the heat sink ? I also have a problem with this notebook in that the fan comes on and off all the time, maybe it is related to the heatsink being full of dust !

    Joe Martinjeffr

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry it took a while it's not very good but it should do. Just click on the image to see it fullsize The last box shown witha green border is where to clean it, just go outside with the heatsink or out a window and blow through the lines marked in green and loads of dusk should come out. If you have any problem or need somthing explaining in more detail please tell me!