Installing My New Watchdog Timer for My Home Automation PC!



Introduction: Installing My New Watchdog Timer for My Home Automation PC!

What began as a programmable delay timer relay is now the latest watchdog timer for my home automation pc. This is part 2 of the new watchdog timer project. I will be replacing the original one that I created nearly 2 years ago!

Part 1 of this project is here:

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Step 1: Getting the Relay Ready.

I wired the 0v supply to the common of the relay. I also wanted a manual reset switch since my embedded automation system does not have one. I used double sided tape to mount the momentary contact switch onto the relay. The NO of the relay and switch are wired in parallel.

Step 2: Removing the Original Watchdog.

The original is made of 2 delay timer relays that create a pulse when the automation software does not send a reset pulse. This relay can only reset the pc once. The new watchdog can reset it an indefinite number of times.

I will use these delay timer relays for future projects.

Step 3: Installing the New Watchdog.

Just 4 wires to connect:
Reset to motherboard
Pulse to reset from the labjack u3 hv.

I used a cable tie to secure the watchdog and now it works perfectly. I pressed the pushbutton and the pc rebooted. When the automation software is running, the led display countdown is reset every 10 seconds. If the pc crashes for 15mins the new watchdog will reset it every 15 minutes until the automation software comes back up to reset the watchdog.

Step 4: A Glimpse at the Automation Software!

This is my custom created automation software to manage my home. The second pic shows the watchdog icon that has a virtual led that blinks for 1second every 10seconds. That is the reset pulse to the watchdog via the labjack u3 hv.

Oh the last pic are ochroes from my home garden. Good eating tonight!

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