Installing OpenHab on the Raspberry Pi


Introduction: Installing OpenHab on the Raspberry Pi

I've tried to do a complete step by step tutorial, as live as possible, no rehearsals, as to see into which problems a normal user might get into when he/she tries to install openhab. I know this is a pretty long tutorial, but I'm fairly confident you will have a 100% working installation after you finish it.

Good luck!

Step 1: Getting OpenHab to Run

Here is a complete installation, of OpenHAB, from zero to hero.

Sorry for taking such a long time, but I feel it's better, as we went through most frequent problems that could arise, so you could get a better view of the whole process.

Here you can get a complete kit, for running OSMC as a media center, on which you can also install OpenHAB.

Feel free to post any questions below, and don't forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel if you want more videos like this.

These are the notes from the video:



++++++++Raspberry PI2 Kit ++++++++

Step 2: Bindings, Sitemaps, Items and Habmin



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    Hi Trusk89, great stuff, but could you provide us *here* with working links, such as the ones you provide with the Youtube videos? That would be the crown on you work.. ;)

    (the links ending in 3 periods do not work... in this instructable)

    1 reply


    Thanks for letting me know, I did not notice it. I will update the instructable.