Installing WAMP Server




How to install WAMP server so you can use Apache, PHP and MYSQL. This is a prequest to Beat the School Website Blocking System.


Step 1: Download WAMP

Download WAMP server here. Select save or run. Click open. After that follow the next steps.

Step 2: Configuration

Just press next.

Step 3: Configuration

Selcet "I accept" and Press next.

Step 4: Configuration

Select where you want to save it. If you can't decide just leave it as it is. Then press next.

Step 5: Configuration

Type the name you want to appear on the Start Menu. Then Press next

Step 6: Configuration

If you accept this, your computer will be quite slow on startup but do what ya want. Then click next

Step 7: Configuration

Just let this one run.

Step 8: Configuration

Type your email (I suggest you make a new email account from hotmail or something). Leave the next window as localhost unless you know what you're doing.

Step 9: Final Config

Just press Open and then finish and ur done!!!!



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12 Discussions


3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this. It will help many. I too came across such where they explain in detail. I want to share that here


4 years ago on Introduction

Ok so I downloaded, followed typical install (as above). Once installed I got error message: can't run because missing MSVCR110.dll. Said to run the install again, so I did. Same thing. I uninstalled all componenets, downloaded again. Reinstalled and got same message. What am I doing wrong?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Download file MSVCR110.dll and copy to the system32 folder

that's all.....


4 years ago on Introduction


I tried wamp, xampp and even mamp and finally play with Laragon ( It supports Memcached, Redis that are my tech stack.

Funny I love Aragorn also.


5 years ago on Introduction

Clear, Simple and Helped.

Thanks Dude...


5 years ago on Introduction

Hi, i found some detail steps regarding installation of WAMP server on this link..

I just started using wamp on mswindows, but I have not had that issue. I will check it out.

My wampserver install:

If you use ddns, you can get a domain free for a limited time.

Once you start using a web server, you will wonder why you never used one before. I run my private apache web server on an old an old pII. It is currently running Ubuntu though I prefer debian when I am not running centos. I had it on I think ubuntu server 6.x and have done in-place upgrades as they came along the way to 9.x. (i.e. no reformatting or disk wiping). This is an example of the actual web pages i run on it. I have since added doing home automation on it. Keep finding uses for that legacy computer. Microsoft Windows Supporters said I should have thrown away a long time ago. It is not what you use, but how you use it.


9 years ago on Introduction

After i did all this installation, what i found out was apache server was not running. When i took mouse pointer to tray icon of wamp, it said "one of two services running". Plz can anybody help?

2 replies

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

I would help you, but I did this instructable so long ago, and plus, I'm now on Mac so I'm afraid I can't help you. Try looking on the internet and asking in the questions section of Instructables.


9 years ago on Introduction

after step 9 the installion gets hangs up and it is not working but the wampserver is installed in my pc but when i run it the icon came at tray bar but not working wat should i do any can help me with this plz send me the answer also in my