Installing a Cabinet Auto Light.

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Intro: Installing a Cabinet Auto Light.

For my electronics cabinets, I always have a need for internal lighting anytime I need to inspect or make modifications to the components inside.

Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Led and Switch.

I used an led capable of AC and DC input. This module is actually for cars and uses 2watts.

The momentary push button switch allows for the auto light feature.

Step 2: Attaching Leads to the Switch.

This switch has both NC and NO contacts. I need the NC for my needs. I soldered wires onto the relevant pins and now for the next step.

Step 3: Wiring the Led to the Switch.

Again more soldering and I wired the switch in series with the led so that it can open one of the supply wires. The polarity of this led module is a non issue since it can work with AC power.

Step 4: The Cabinet.

This cabinet houses my home automation system. I will take a 25v dc supply from the M4 atx power supply input terminals.

Step 5: Wiring in the Light.

Carefully unscrewing the terminals, inserting the light wires then screwing back tight the led comes on. I secured the led module with a cable tie so now the insides of the cabinet is bathed in light.

Step 6: Sticking on the Switch.

Using evostik I glued the switch into the inside of the cabinet. The position of the red switch head is such that when the lid closes fully, the led goes off.

Step 7: Completion!

Now I have an automatic led light for my automation pc cabinet!



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