Installing a Spreader LED Light

At we offer 2 styles of LED lights.

  1. Oval 15W
  2. Square 27W

There are several methods to install an LED Spreader light to your T-Top bar. The lights we offer at are made with high quality aluminum and will last you many years. Often the boater will install 2 lights at the stern area an 1 at the bow. Personally I have installed 2 on both and sometimes use the front lighting for navigation across dark bays.

The first thing you want to do is ensure that you have clearance. Simply hold the light to the bar and check the height distance. The last thing you need is to be bumping your head. It's best to have your boat trailered while working.

Disconnect your batteries. Dry run your wiring before cutting. I always leave about 12" on each end. Of course, use only marine wire to reduce corrosion and marine switches.

Using the bracket that comes in the package and a metal drill bit place the hole as you wish. Some drill horizontal and other vertical. I prefer horizontal. Slide the bolt through the bracket and then the pipe. Secure tightly. Run your wiring to your power source and switch and connect the ends to the LED light wiring. I use heat shrink connectors that can be purchased online or at any marine store. They are better at sealing out moisture.

Once the wiring is complete, connect the battery and test the switch. If your polarity is correct the lights should burn. They are bright so don't look directly into them.



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