Installing Themes on Samsung Corby S3650/s3653




Intro: Installing Themes on Samsung Corby S3650/s3653

Hello everyone....
I don't want to waste your time so I am coming directly to the point. This is the tutorial on installing theme on your Samsung Corby S3650/S3653 by flashing and patching your mobile.




Step 1:

SAFETY FIRST - Make sure that you backup all your files, messages ,contacts, etc. from your phone.

Now first check your mobile firmware by typing *#1234# in the keypad.
If it is S3650XEIJ2 then its OK but if it is other than S3650XEIJ2 then don't worry, you need to first update your firmware to S3650XEIJ2.

Now for those who don't have S3650XEIJ2 firmware they should first update their firmware.
Go to this page for tutorial on updating firmware -

For those who have S3650XEIJ2 firmware, continue....

Download these files-
Firmware (S3650XEIJ2) -
Multi loader v5.56 -
Theme (Android Jellybean 4.1) -
Patch -
Amss_patch.bin -
My 5 favourite themes-
Locks for Corby-

Step 2:

Extract THEME file to any folder on your PC.

Before any patching,
Turn on the phone, go to 'My Files' and create a 'New Folder' named "res" in phone memory!!!!! (NOT IN MEMORY CARD!)
'res' Folder must be in "myfiles/res" (Do not create it inside videos, music , photos etc... or it wont work!!!!!!!)

Now copy all files from theme file to 'res' folder that you made in phone memory.

The theme file contains-
Data folder
System folder
Gadget.swf file
Menu.swf file
MyFiles.swf file

Copy all these files to 'res' folder.....

Step 3:

Now Turn off the phone..

Connect USB cable to PC without your mobile connected.

Put your phone in "DOWNLOAD MODE" by pressing volume down key, camera key and end key all at once.
You should see a screen with blue borders and 'DOWNLOAD' written in between on red stripe.

Now connect your mobile to the USB cable.

You're now going to apply your phone the with the all in one patch.
It has 50 patches.

- Open the Multi Loader 5.56.

- For Rsrc2 select the Jellybean Patch that you downloaded "jellybean4.1.rc2".

- And for AMSS select "apps_patch.bin".

- IGNORE all the others such as " RSRC1 , FACTORY FS etc.."

- Click Port Search and when found, put a tick.

- Then Click Download and wait till it finishes.

- Your phone will restart after the patch is applied, then unplug it.


Step 4:

Entering Patch Menu:

Press and hold "lock" button just after you turn on the phone (the stage that blue bar fills up).

If you do it right the patch menu should appear and you'll be able to enable or disable patches from that menu.

Keys in the patch mode:

Camera button : Toggle select.
Lock button : Save changes.
Volume up down : Navigate up and down.
Dial key : Back.

Patches and their functions-

1 - Patch Loader - MasterPatch.Sys - patch.bin
They are indispensable for all remaining Patch's because it is they who carry them.

2 - Change SWF: Includes the following patch on one's: Menu Change: Changing the Menu of Corby, the menu should be located in the folder ... / Res Change Gadget:Changing the Colors and Icons of folders Cellular. Through MyFiles.swf file that should be in the folder Res.

3 - LowBatRestrictOff:Removes the restriction of access to Java, the Internet , the Music Player and more ... When the phone battery is running low.

4 - Java - JavaHideSilentPopup, JavaLcdOff, Java on mmc:
Is a single patch that includes these 3 patch's Java-related. JavaOnMMC: enables the installation of Java applications on the Memory Card. JavaLCDoff: The patch fixes the lights in the cell in Java. Ie the lights go according to what you have set on your mobile. JavaHideSilentPopup: When you're in Silent mode Java will not ask if you want to sound in the application, it will not play the sound.

5 - Colortbl: Changing colors of Corby, the colors and fonts of your funds. The files color.bin and ColorTBL.rsb should be in the folder Res.

6 - SaveCallLog: Call logs are not deleted after changing or removing the SimChip.

7 - New Fonts: Allows the installation of new fonts in Corby. They should be renamed correctly and located in the folder Res / Font.

8 - QuickOnOff: Removes Music ee screen saver Samsung's Home in Mobile. Depends Power.ini file that should be placed in the folder Res.

9 - Flash Player: Replaces part of Mobile Help by Interactive Flash player. Being able to play flash games. You must file game.swf and games renamed 1.swf, 2.swf etc ... All the folder Res.

10 - VibOnCall: When connecting the phone vibrates. That I find very annoying and so I leave off.

11 - Google to Opera: Change the launch of Google Maps, Opera Mini application by. It must be installed natively on the system [FFS - Blocked Java] Opera Mini with the name.

12 - Mute Power Save: Removes the message that the battery is running low.

13 - Call Unlock LCD: Unlock the display when you're making a call .

14 - Wo HeadSet Radio: Listen to Radio without foninho (headset).

15 - Mega on Off: Help QuickOnOff, removing the screen protector from Samsung and Sons.

16 - Check Sign Off:Remove the question: "This content is not signed . Want Continue "in the installation of Java applications.

17 - CameraBGM: Removes the restriction Radio and Music to hear while the camera is connected. Is disabled by default because the phone lock when you open the camera.

18 - KeyLockVib: Adds a small vibration when unlocking the phone.

19 - SkinColor: [REMOVED FROM EXTREME] acts together with colortbl to change the colors of cell used CorlorTBL.rsb the file and allowed to choose between several colors on the menu to choose from Corby Themes. REMOVED BECAUSE THE add it to OTHER'S PATCH THE MOBILE FOREVER AND RESETTING would not care!

20 - Replace SWF2FFS: Changing the default location of the files: Gadget.swf, and maybe the MainMenu.swf MyFiles.swf to the folder / Res / Flash. (test if someone tells me aew myfiles whether or not to enter this patch.)

21 - Change Sound Patch: Switching the majority of Sounds Corby by others who should be in the folder / Res / Sound.

22 - AniNew Disable: Disables protecting the screen and the Samsung loading screen SimChip.

23 - HideSThumbDB: Not SThumb.db file shows that most of the time and created in Windows. Mysterious File ashuhaushauAUSHU.

24 - EasyAdminMenu: Changing the access code to the menu internal Corby. Since it * # 3333 #.

25 - New PhoneLock: Changing the screen unlock Corby. A new screen should be in the folder / Res / System.

26 - MP3 Auto Return: Remove the message: "Continue to play music."

27 - Increase Ring Remove: Remove the melody growing touch. Being configured directly to the volume that was set in the active profile.

28 - Hold Key Unlock Off:Removes the ability to unlock the phone by holding the side button lock. INCONSISTENT WITH KeyLockVib.

29 - Main Menu Back Key: Allows you to open the Menu by pressing the center button once to Corby.

30 - Change BlueMusic: Replaces the Corby Bluetooth and also Icons and colors and music player. Need files: Bluetooth.swf and MusicList.swf folder Res.

31 - Key Music Control: Allows control Songs via buttons: Off, Answer Button and central Corby. INCONSISTENT WITH SmartHandsFree.

32 - Main Menu Preview: In theory this file lets you preview the menu Corby, according to a renamed file Preview.swf which should be located in the folder Res I do not know how it works in practice, since no themes Russians came with that particular file.

33 - SmartHandsFree: Possiblitava change tracks with the volume keys supposedly holding down OFF BY DEFAULT. INCONSISTENT WITH Key Music Control.

34 - Default in SMS Phone: Guard posts the cell only after the memory is full SimChip.

35 - KJxDispatch.ini Change: Change the file that is installed in KJxDispatch.ini Firmware [FactoryFS]. I see no use in this file.

36 - Fast Double SMS Send: Remove warning when sending more and SMS at the same time.

37 - FunctionLib: Required for almost every patch's remaining as the Master Patch.

38 - Java Hide BGM Popup: Enables listen to music or radio while playing Java applications.

39 - Talker: Adds an announcer for the numbers of Corby. Turns pronunciation of the hour, pronounces each number on the keyboard manual. Works with a single MP3 file that contains all the numbers spoken. This file is called samples.mp3 and should be in the folder / Res / Sound. And for the pronunciation of time is necessary hour.mp3 the file in the same folder. PATCH OFF, BECAUSE IT IS COMPLICATED set it BECAUSE THE PORTUGUESE IN SECONDS OF PRONUNCIATION REQUIRED FOR THIS PATCH IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND AND PRONOUNCE PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE. INCOMPATIBILITY WITH Back Key Main Menu.

40 - Easy ScreenShot: Patch allows you to take Print Screen Corby, through it. Set in Settings / Display and Light / ScreenShot. To take Print press the Camera. The ScreenShots are located in the Images folder / ScreenShots. It's just not possible to OPEN the camera with her key. Taking pictures with the DA button.

41 - FastMenu: Enables TaskBox.swf to hold the middle button of Corby. The TaskBox must be in localizazdo / Res / System.

42 - Change AlarmPopup | Updated: Switch the screen Alarm Clock in Corby for a file called AlarmPopup.swf located in / Res / System. Enables the alarm off by pressing the Power Off.

43 - Change TimerPopup | Updated: Swaps the screen Alarm Timer Corby for a file called TimerPopup.swf located in / Res / System. Enables the alarm off by pressing the Power Off.

44 - Change Calculator | Updated: Currency Exchange at the Corby for a file called Calculator.swf located in / Res / System.

45 - ImageViewer Change: Changing the Image Viewer Corby's for a file called ImageViewer.swf located in / Res / System. I think this viewer still very poor compared to standard Corby.

46 - ExtRenameMod: Rename extensions by the Corby.

47 - Gadget FSCommand Add: Adds more commands to Gadget.swf

48 - Java Auto Return: Remove the question of continuing the Java.

49 - Time for Low Popup: This patch I could not find who created it to get information! But I think the name is a patch that reduces the time of any message or alarm Corby.

50 - Video Size Large: This patch also I could not find who created it to get information! But also I think the name is a patch that allows access to videos with great size.


Step 5:

You can download themes from here -

Just put Menu.swf , Gadget.swf ,and Myfiles.swf in the 'res' folder and restart the phone.



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    2 years ago

    These links are not yet working: Multi loader v5.56, Theme (Android Jellybean 4.1), Patch, Amss_patch.bin.

    please update links pls pls pls pls pls...........

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    No, this theme will not change the OS to android.
    It will just change the theme.
    You cannot install android apps on it.


    2 years ago

    bro will this theme change the os as android jelly bean can we install android apps in it

    Abo Al LEiTHA

    2 years ago

    bro did u know a website to download games for my mobile

    Abo Al LEiTHA

    2 years ago

    YOU BRO my camera phone is not working what should i do

    Abo Al LEiTHA

    2 years ago

    bro i followed your steps but i come to factory sf i cant full it by any thing

    pleassssssss help me

    2 replies
    faizans97737Abo Al LEiTHA

    Reply 2 years ago

    You don't have to do anything in "Factory FS".

    Untick the box before "Factory FS" while patching.

    Abo Al LEiTHA

    2 years ago

    dude if i download jellybean theme can i write arabic message or not

    1 reply
    Abo Al LEiTHA

    2 years ago

    thanx for the last help but i got another one

    i have the old firmware but i did not understand what should ido can you explain more

    1 reply
    faizans97737Abo Al LEiTHA

    Reply 2 years ago

    You must have activated Lock patch in Patch menu and not have customized lock.swf file in your phone. If you have Lock.swf file then put it in your phone and restart. If you don't have a Lock.swf file then simply go to patch menu and untick Lock patch.

    You are done.