Instamorph Fridge Magnets

Introduction: Instamorph Fridge Magnets

Not sure what to do with your Instamorph? Need a cute craft?

Why not make some refrigerator magnets?

Lets do it!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You're going to need some Instamorph.

Instamorph is a plastic material that comes in pellet form. When you mix it into hot water it becomes malleable like taffy. Pull the Instamorph around until it is uniform in consistency with no visible pellets or air pockets.

If you are interested in colors you can usually find color pellets. You mix it in slowly one pellet at a time until your desired color is reached. We made a few of each of the colors we had pellets for.

Next find some magnets. We purchased these online. They are very, very small but very powerful. Bottle cap for size reference.

Step 2: Chose a Color and Shape

We had red and black, so we decided to go with card suits.

In this set I'm making a heart. Melt the material you are using and pull off as much as you need. I guessed and it worked pretty well, but I didn't have specific size requirement. When I had it consistently melted and all the bubbles mixed out go ahead and shape your magnet. Make any shape that makes you happy.

The blue bowl is cold water for quick setting the plastic. It will cool if left alone, though it will take longer.

Remember that Instamorph requires hot water. I use gloves for the mixing and shaping because it insulates my hands against the heat. Wearing the gloves allows me a few extra minutes working with the hot material. Please be safe when handling hot water and melted plastic.

Step 3: Make All of Your Shapes, Add Magnets

Instamorph is very sticky when warm. This works perfectly to adhere the magnets to the body of your final project. If you are concerned you can always put the whole magnet back into the water. This won't hurt the magnets themselves but it will allow the metal to sink further into the plastic.

In the end I made one of each suit: Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club.

Step 4: Display

Find a magnetic surface and show off your fancy new magnets.

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