Instamorph Rose Hair Stick and Barrette



Introduction: Instamorph Rose Hair Stick and Barrette

My Daughter loves Firefly, her favorite character is Zoe. Zoe has beautiful long hair and she holds it with a hair stick and barrette combination.

This is how my daughter made a similar hair stick and barrette combination with Instamorph

Step 1: Making the Barrette

Start by heating the Instmorph in a cup of hot water. Make a long snake and pull one end and connect to the middle of the snake. Bring the other end to connect the top of the loop. VERY IMPORTANT make sure you have space for the hair stick and your hair by using a pencil to create an arch.

Step 2: Creating the Rose Hair Stick

Start by creating a 'snake' approximately a pencil in thickness. Then place a blob of hot Instamorph on the end, flatten the end to take the next pieces. Take a small flat piece and roll into a cone, leaving a spiral at the top. Create petals (an uneven oval shape) place around the cone petal by petal until you have a rose.

Step 3: Finished!

A simple step by step Rose Hair Stick and Barrette! It holds securely and is easy to make!

Step 4:

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