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Introduction: Instant Americana

This is a very easy way to make instant Americana (or any nation you choose) art out of restaurant/bar flyers. This may seem a bit strange to US readers as these flyers are everywhere, but I live in the UK, so this will be an originally framed import.

I was working in Kansas for a couple of weeks, and I picked up an Applebees flyer while enjoying their chicken salad, and I decided to make an extra birthday present for my mother who collects Americana.

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Step 1: Flyer...mmm Beer.

This is the flyer I used from Applebees.

Step 2: Cheapo Frame

This is the frame I used from Wilkos (UK equivalent of Target)

Step 3: This Is the Difficult Bit...

Just put the flyer into the frame...
...and there you go, an instant piece of Americana.

Of course, if you are from the States, you could could pick up a few flyers from UK pubs during you visits.

Oh... total cost �2.38 or about $4.00.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Boulevard Beer huh, Must be near KS or MO somewhere... cuz they are right here in KCMO!