Beaten Coffee With Nescafe Granules

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Have you wondered how do you get the creamy froth on top of your Espresso? Espresso Machine was invented in 1938 by Achille Gaggia for his coffee bar. The foam found at the top of your espresso is "crema" that comes from the espresso making process. The pressure of hot water pushes out the little oils from the coffee beans into the liquid. The oils and the plant carbohydrates from the coffee bean stabilize the bubbles and keep the long lasting foam, or "crema". Instant coffee is actually dehydrated coffee but you can get a creamy texture quite similar to Espresso (but not as much) when you prepare the Beaten Coffee with Instant Coffee Granules.

For years my mom has made Beaten Coffee like no one else. I used to hate milk and I started drinking milk because she started adding Beaten Coffee to my milk. After closely watching my mom make the Beaten Coffee I realized that every minor step in the process is important to get the right aroma, texture and taste. A little less sugar or extra water may spoil the coffee. One of my moms secrets was she always used Nescafe Classic and never went for less expensive coffee brands. Here are my instructions for making Beaten Coffee so that each one of you can make lovely, frothy, aromatic & intoxicating coffee in 3 minutes sharp! Enjoy your coffee.

Milk – 100 ml milk or approximately half cup of milk

Nescafe Coffee Powder - 1 tea spoon (more if you prefer stronger coffee)

Sugar - 2 to 3 tea spoon Sugar for 1 cup coffee (more sugar gives better volume for beating the coffee)

Water - add 4 drops water to the sugar & coffee before you start beating, that's right just 4 drops. Don't add milk for beating the coffee. Later on you will need another half cup of boiling hot water to add to the beaten coffee.

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Step 1: Coffee Powder, Sugar and 4 Drops of Water

Add the coffee powder, sugar to the cup.

Add just 4 drops of water to the coffee and sugar powder in the cup.( Some people add milk instead of water. My experience is you get best frothy coffee when you add water instead of milk for beating/whipping the paste. Please note if you add too much water you will not be able to beat the paste)

Now start beating/whipping the mix with a tea spoon in a circular motion. (When we beat the mix we are adding air into the paste of coffee and sugar to get a creamy, frothy coffee.)

Step 2: After Adding 4 Drops of Water - This Is How Your Mix Should Look Like

After adding 4 drops of water this is how your mix should look like. (We add only 4 drops of water because we need minimal water to make a good beaten coffee. So if you add a tea spoon of water for a single cup of coffee you may spoil the mix and you will not get a frothy coffee) If you are making 2 or 4 cups of coffee then increase the sugar. coffee and add few extra drops of water just so that the mix looks like the picture

Step 3: The Color Starts Changing As You Start Beating the Coffee Mix

The color starts changing as you start beating the coffee mix and the color will lighten as you beat and air is mixed with the coffee mix. If you get color similar to this picture you are doing it right!

Step 4: After 3/4 Minutes of Beating the Mix

After 3/4 minutes of mixing you will see the color further lighten like this picture..

Step 5: Close View of Your Beaten Mix

Close view of your beaten mix and you can see the froth building up now. You need another couple of minutes of beating before you add milk and water.

Step 6: Lovely Color of the Coffe+sugar+air+4 Drops of Water

The lovely color of the Coffe+sugar+air+4 drops of water means you are almost done with your beaten coffee and of course you should smell the beautiful aroma of the coffee now! Next step is to add milk and water

Step 7: Add Milk & Water and Mix It Well, Particularly the Mixture That Sticks to Bottom and Sides of the Cup

Now add 100 ml boiling hot milk and 50 ml boiling hot water to the coffee mix and mix it with the tea spoon. Another minute of beating would add more froth to the coffee. The coffee and sugar paste usually sticks to the bottom of the cup so make sure you move the spoon so that it mixes well with the milk and water. Some people may prefer more milk or more water and its your choice to change the ratio to suit your taste. Your beaten Nescafe is ready and if you prefer you can heat it for 30 seconds in your microwave to make the coffee piping hot. I prefer using Nescafe as compared to other brands like Bru or Tata Grand and my experience is you get best taste with Nescafe.

Step 8: Final Product ....Beaten Instant Nescafe

Final product enjoy the aroma and taste of Beaten Instant Nescafe. You can sprinkle some Nescafe granules for garnishing and add to the taste of the Beaten Coffee its your choice. Hope you enjoy your coffee!

Step 9: Divine! Divine Taste, Texture, Aroma of Beaten Instant Nescafe

Divine! Divine is the only way to describe the taste, the texture, the color & the aroma of Beaten Instant Nescafe! Once you have tried the beaten coffee it is difficult to enjoy coffee in any other form. Hope you enjoy your coffee!

Step 10: ​Thank You Mom!

Picture of my mom Shubhangi, dad Kishor, my son Ishaan and my niece princess Alisha. Thank you Mom! You are the best cook in the entire world and no one makes coffee like you do! Now your years old instant coffee recipe is on the internet! I love you!

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1 year ago

It sounds way too sweet for my liking, I don't ever have suger in my coffee , so I probably won't attempt it for myself, but I do like the instructions you have given with such an exact showing of how exactly the colours should look etc. also super cute picture at the end

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

Thank you! I know most people keep away from sugar and rightly so. I guess good aromatic frothy coffee is a sin! But I take your feedback and will try to find a way to get the same flavor and texture without using sugar. if it works I will post another recipe.


Reply 1 year ago

I actually don't have any actual problem with suger, I love sugary foods, I just really dislike sweet drinks, I'd love to see the results of your experiment though


1 year ago on Step 10

Nice step by step instructions easy to follow. Art of coffee making!


1 year ago on Step 10

Well explained. I followed the steps and made a frothy coffee! :) Thanks for sharing!


1 year ago

This is great, that's how I make my espressos, I found a good brand of instant espresso coffee, and use same method.



Reply 1 year ago

Greetings! I hope you try & like it! Thanks for your encouragement :)