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Hey momoluvers! It's Momo and today I'll be showing you how to make this super unique and cute gift for Val day! The idea is based off of an etsy listing but all of the templates shown are my original creation. Let me know if y'all want more Valentines Day ideas in the comments below! Enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

1. Templates above
2. Scissors
3. Glue stick


Cut out YOU SPARKLE label, blue watercolor box, box sleeve, mason jar, red joy label, and two small strips.

Assemble the box and sleeve as shown above

Glue the red joy label onto the front of the sleeve

Accordion fold the small white strips and glue one side to the YOU SPARKLE label and the other to the box.

Attach the mason jar

Step 3: ...To the Moon and Back

Cut out the mountain box, box sleeve, small mountain attachment, light blue joy label, small white strips, and to the moon and back label.

Assemble the box and glue the joy label to the front

Attach the mountain by glueing the white tab to the bottom

Attach to the moon and back label with accordion tab method

Step 4: Keep Growing.

Cut out flower box, box sleeve, keep growing label, yellow joy label, and white strips.

Assemble the box and glue the joy label to the front

Attach the keep growing label with the accordion tab method

Step 5: Up, Up, and Away.

Cut out balloon box, box sleeve, up, up, and away label, and bronze joy label.

Assemble the box and glue the joy label to the front

Attach up, up, and away label to the side of the box with a small tab.

Step 6: You Look Lovely Today!

Cut out the tumblr items box, box sleeve, dark pink joy label, Starbucks cup, you look lovely today label, and small white strips.

Assemble the box and attach the joy label to the front

Assemble the Starbucks cup and attach it to the bottom

Attach you look lovely today label to the box with the accordion method

Step 7: Journey

Cut out sparkly watercolor box, box sleeve, dark blue joy label, three or four clouds, journey label, and row row row your boat paper.

Assemble the box and attach the joy label to the front

Attach the journey label to the box using the accordion method

Use poem sheet and assemble an origami boat with the directions above (not my photo)

Attach the boat to the bottom of the box. Along with three or four clouds

Step 8: 完

Finished! These are a few choices that I came up with and love so much! These templates are my own creation, but the idea was based off of an etsy listing. I really liked the idea and wanted to create some you guys can make yourselves for free! Let me know if you way more Val day tutorials;

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I have a husband who regularly has me racking my brain helping him develop themes for his work with his players. I take the themes and run with them to create new objet d'arts to bring us good ju ju, and that the boys will think are cool. THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS PERFECT FOR MY PURPOSES!

    As far as you having lifted it from etsy, I offer two thoughts:

    1. Several years ago I read that in order to "copy" something, and claim it as your own, the new "copy" must be 20% different from the original - I've no idea how that 20% is determined, and I've not gone to the etsy site to compare. Not only have you not claimed this is your own, you've been upfront about having been inspired by something you saw on etsy. You've also posted (shared) your own, ingenious "intellectual property" that builds on - not copies - the model that inspired you.

    2. I don't know about you and anyone else on this site, but my days keep me pretty busy, and I have a personal rule about how I spend my free time. I keep things positive! I forbid myself to spend one unscheduled minute grousing, grumbling and complaining. If I found out I broke my rule by going out of my way to tell you how you should have spent your time, followed by essentially telling you you're unoriginal - I would jump on myself with both feet, then ground myself for at least a two days. (This might seem confusing because I'm trying to be light hearted and funny, and I'm not a funny person. Born without the gene)

    I appreciate the time and trouble you, and everyone who posts, goes to posting your projects!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I really appreciate the support. Thank you for seeing my viewpoint on this situation.


    3 years ago

    I think these are great and I don't see anything wrong in doing these because she made them different and from my opinion I think these look a better not that the others on etsy look bad but the seller used a plain box and put the cutouts in them and these are actually printed so you can make your own box not like the others that are pre made boxes and if you think about it it's like you make a frame and add wheels to it then put a body and add seats and an engine then you have a car but it's your own design that was inspired by other cars. Also isn't that why we are here to make something that someone else made and maybe even improve it in the process. Besides I doubt this person copyright any of this and if she did Momo isn't selling these either plus she did mention the idea came from that listing and not that she came up with it.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks you so much for your support. I really appreciate you taking the time to say that


    Reply 3 years ago

    You're welcome... Some people just need to appreciate the time and effort it takes to do these things and post them here for others to do. And Thanks for taking the time to do such cool instructables and I'm sure many others appreciate your effort too .. =)


    3 years ago

    I really love this idea. It's so simple and still just beautiful.
    I'd be happy to see more from you!


    3 years ago

    These are so cute! I think I'll make them for my staff for v-day!