Instant Knotty Ribbon Necklace




Introduction: Instant Knotty Ribbon Necklace

This unique and versatile necklace can be made with washers or similarly shaped beads, and the ribbon can be easily changed to match different outfits. You can use any size, color, or combination to make it one of a kind, and then change it the very next day if your want to. This is a very inexpensive project, and quick and easy making it ideal for beginners. Expect to spend less than $10 and 10 minutes on this project.

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Step 1: Gather & Prepare Your Supplies

For this project I used some funky beads that I bought at a sale from Jo-Anne's some time ago. You could use similar beads, or washers from a hardware store. Be creative and use different shapes and sizes to make a real statement. For the ribbon, you could use one or several lengths (As in the photos) and you can use any color combination that you can imagine. 

For this project, I cut 4 lengths of 58" long ribbon. I recommend starting with very long pieces, then trimming off the ends once it's completely finished, as this will give you plenty to work with. You can see that I used 6 large beads, and have a fairly short necklace. If you want a longer necklace, or plan on using more beads, you're going to want longer pieces of ribbon.

Step 2: Tie Off Your Necklace

Tie a basic knot around the outer edge of your first bead. Be sure you have 13-16" of ribbon sticking out. The side that the knot is on will be the bottom part of the necklace that will be against your skin

Step 3: Add Your Second Bead

Take your second bead, and put it directly underneath the first one so that they are overlapping, and weave the much longer length of ribbon up through both beads

Step 4: Loop Around

Keeping the ribbon very flat, loop it around both beads, and then down through the center of the first bead

Step 5: Add More Beads

Tie your second piece in place, making sure the knot is on the back. It should be on the same side as your first knot. Repeat steps 3-5 until your beads are used up.

Step 6: Admire Your Handywork

When you're all finished, your necklace should look something like this in the back. Each piece fits securely, but if you decide to swap out your ribbons for a different color you can do so quickly and easily without damaging them so that you can reuse them next time!

Step 7: Strut Your Stuff

Tie a big old bow off to the side, trim off the ends until you're satisfied with how it looks, and walk around looking fabulous.

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