Instant PP Plastic Backpack




Introduction: Instant PP Plastic Backpack

Learn how to make a backpack out of recycled grocery bags or polypropylene plastic bags.

• 2 PP bags
• Needle
• Thread
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• Nylon rope( any kind of rope)
• Velcro

1. Turn the PP bag inside out

2. Pocket assembly:

• Cut a piece of cloth that will fit at the front side of the bag
• Attach the piece of cloth by sewing the edges to the bag, except the top part
• Put a divider by sewing the middle part

3. Cut the handles of the bag
4. Sew the edges of the opening of the bag

5. Lock assembly:

• Put holes at all sides of the bag (similar to bucket bag)

• Insert the rope through these holes, both ends should be in front

• Cut a piece of cloth (2.5” x 3.5”) for the lock adjustment

6. Cut 2 pieces of cloth (10” x 6”) and shape it like a half circle

Put it together by sewing the edges, and turn it inside out
7. Again, cut 2 pieces of cloth ( 1.5” x 3”) and stitch it together

8. Sew together the pieces mentioned at steps 6 to 7

9. Then attach it at the back part of the bag. This will serve as the front cover of the bag.

10. Lock for the front cover:
• Cut a piece of cloth (4” x 1”)
• Attach it in front of the bag

11. For the strap of the bag, cut 2 strips of cloth (25” x 3”)

12. Fold and stitch it in the middle

13. Attach the straps at the back, sew the ends at the top and bottom part of the bag

14. Final step: Attaching the Velcro for the lock

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Please clarify... what is a "PP plastic" grocery bag? Are you referring to those non-woven reuseable bags that grocers are selling now that disintgrate with a little sunshine?