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Introduction: Instant Pot Tri Tip and Gravy

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My fiancé (or husband, if you're reading this after Thursday 2/23/17) absolutely loves this meal. I think he might even love it as much as I adore my Instant Pot.

A few important notes about this recipe:
The potatoes will get mushy so you don't want to chop them too small. You also don't want to avoid mushiness by cooking them outside the pot though, or they won't absorb all the wonderful flavors.
Don't cook the onions in the pot. They'll disintegrate and be gross.
Don't skip the gravy! It's the best part of the meal. After reading a Thanksgiving 101 book my sister gave me, I have become a gravy snob and I tell you this simple method makes the absolute best gravy ever!

If you don't have an Instant Pot, a regular stovetop pressure cooker can be used, but seriously--join the 21st century and get an Instant Pot. It will change your life!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Tri Tip roast
Potatoes (I used 3,use less or more depending on how much your family likes them)
Garlic (I used 3 cloves; see potato parenthetical)
2 cups beef stock
Tomato bouillon
2 bay leaves

2 Tbsp flour

Onion (if desired--a quarter to a half per person who wants grilled onions)

Veggie of your choice (I served green beans that steam in the bag when you nuke them)

Step 2: Prep the Roast

This step might not be necessary, but I like to brown both sides of the meat before it goes in the pot. Put a couple of tablespoons of butter (or oil) in a skillet. Brown the roast to your color of preference.

Don't clean out the pan. If you're going to do onions you can use this melted butter with yummy meat flavoring.

Put the rack in your Instant Pot and set the tri tip on top of it.

Step 3:

Step 4: Other Ingredients

Peel the garlic. Crush each clove with the back of a spoon a la Rachel Ray.

Peel and cut the potatoes into big chunks.

Throw all this on top of the meat. Add bay leaves, beef stock, and tomato bouillon (I don't have an exact measurement for this. Sprinkle it on but keep in mind it's very salty).

Step 5: Start the Pot

Secure the lid, set the valve to seal, and press "meat/stew". Digital display should read 35. In a few seconds it will change to "On" and the pressure will start building. Once it reaches pressure the display will read 35 again and start counting down.

Have a glass of wine or do a sudoku.

Step 6: Onions (not Pictured)

I forgot to photograph this but you don't need a picture.

When there's about 5 minutes left on the timer, slice your onion and cook it in the butter that's still in the pan from browning the roast. You may need to add a little butter, oil, or cooking spray.

Step 7: When the Pot Beeps

When the timer goes off switch the valve to the release position. It's a good idea not to have the pot under a cupboard at this point because the steam could damage it.

When all the steam is released, open the pot and gaze upon the yumminess.

Use tongs to remove the roast and set it on the cutting board your soon-to-be stepson made in woodshop.

Put a colander in a big bowl and pour the rest of the contents in it. Once all the broth leaks into the bowl, put the potatoes et. al. and the roast back in the pot and close it to keep warm.

Step 8: Gravy Part 1

Let the fat rise to the top of the broth (a separator works great for this). If needed, add butter to make 2 tablespoons. Melt this in a big pan.

Add the flour, whisk until smooth. Brown slightly but don't burn.

Step 9: Gravy Part 2

Add the broth, and whisk until it's a smooth, even consistency. Simmer, stirring often, until it's as thick as you like.

While the gravy is simmering, steam your veggies.

Add pepper to the gravy to taste. You probably don't need any salt because of the bouillon.

Step 10: Slice and Serve

Put the roast back on the cutting board to slice. We like thick cuts but slice it however you like.

To serve, place meat on a plate and top with onions. Spoon on some potatoes and veggies. Ladle the delicious gravy all over that bad boy and enjoy!

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    8 Discussions

    Pepper Head
    Pepper Head

    9 months ago

    This really sounds great. Thinking of try tip for dinner tonight and checking recipes and this one stands out. Who can go wrong with onions sautéed in meat juice and butter...? I would add more garlic (parenthetically, of course), because I never get enough. And more onions because, hey, you can't overdo onions, just take off what you don't need!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!


    2 years ago on Step 10

    Congrats on your wedding since it is after your wedding date. I made this recipe but added an envelope of Libby's Onion Soup mix (no tomato bouillon). It was delicious! What wasn't gone at the meal was eaten the next day. This is a winner...I am definitely making it again.


    Tip 2 years ago on Step 6

    Warning! Double the sliced onions. I sauteed them prior to cooking the roast. By the time the meat was cooked I had eaten all the rings :-(. They were so good!


    2 years ago

    I would suggest looking on the internet on the various directions to slice a tri tip roast cross grain (at a slant). It makes a world of difference in the tenderness.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks, great suggestion.


    Tip 2 years ago on Introduction

    I browned mine on the BBQ 5 mins each side. I'll let ya know how it turned out! It then went into the IP for 30 minutes. I sauteed, celery pieces, onions and mushrooms while the meat was searing.


    3 years ago


    So this cooker is like a slow cooker.....but really fast?