Instant IPad Stand From a DVD Spindle

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No tools or brain required!

But really, come on: you can do better than this. Go find a real Instructable on how to make a cool iPad stand. This Instructable is really just phoning it in, I expect much better from you.

Step 1: Find a 50-pack Spindle of DVDs or CDs

You already have one of these.
If not, ask your friends, they have one.
If not, go to your recycling center, they have one.
If not, go buy one.

Note: there are at least two varieties out there: one with tabs that slide into slots (see image), and one that's threaded and actually screws on. Find the kind with the tabs. You could use the threaded kind and it would work just as well, but you'd have to make your own notches, and who has that kind of time?

Step 2:

Take the top off.
Take out the discs and throw them at your friends.

Note the conveniently located notches in the base.

Step 3: Insert IPad, Enjoy.

Set your iPad into the notches. That's it!

Works equally well in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Now take a nap, you've earned it after all that hard labor.



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6 years ago on Introduction

right out of left field..... thanks had one beside me all the for androis pad as lazy :)