Instant Phone Stand




I wanted a stand for my Blackberry while staying in a hotel, so I could see the clock.  A coffee cup and a knife solved the problem. This is so simple you hardly need instructions, but here you go:

1) Using a pencil, hold your phone over the inverted coffee cup and mark where the cuts should go

2) cut through down about half an inch on both sides of the bottom of the cup, and through the base. You are making only TWO cuts -- parallel to each other across the diameter of the base of the cup

3) keep the cut portion intact to give the cup and the phone some support -- the bit you cut will collapse down a bit to hold the bottom of the phone

This is all achievable with a plastic knife, as long as it has a serrated blade.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great, easy that I've done dozens of times myself - but not so elegantly - with my old Samsung Epic cell phone. However, my newer Samsung Galaxy S3 has the charger in the bottom whereas the Epic's charger was at the top, which was easy to charge while in that stand. So, one problem with your design: how to handle a phone with a charger port in the bottom of the phone. Great solution, though, for just setting the phone in the stand without a charger. Thanks for sharing!