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Introduction: Instructable Robot Cake Pop

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Not only yummy but super cool, these treats will be Popular not only with the kids but with any adults in the know.

Easy to make all you do is crumble up a cake, add frosting, dip and decorate. Well OK there are a couple of tricks.....but follow this easy instructable and you'll be munching on your own robot treat in no time. Check out the end of the instructable for other cake pop robot inspiration.

1 cake - already baked any kind (I used chocolate)
frosting - any kind
Yellow candy coating (I used Wilton Candy Melts) *
Paramount crystals, copha or crisco *
Red M & M's
Rainbow choc chips - Red only
Black edible marker *

lollipop sticks 15cm (6") *
microwave safe bowl deep enough to submerge pops
square cutter around 3cm (1.18")X 3cm (1.18") X 1cm (.39") *...I know technically this is a rectangle
Metal spoon for stirring
Parchment paper lined tray
styrofoam block or cake pop stand

* Candy Melts, paramount crystals, lollipop sticks, edible markers and fondant cutters are available at large craft stores like Michaels in the US and Spotlight in Australia, online specialty cake decorating and kitchen stores or on Ebay.

Step 1: Make the Cake Pop Truffle Mixture and Shape It

Cut the cake into large cubes, place in a bowl and using your hands crumble the cake until the texture is fine and any large pieces have been broken down.

Add the frosting, starting with 1/2* a cup and mix through using your hands to work the frosting through evenly. Good cake pop mixture should hold together easily but not be so soggy that the mixture will not hold a shape. Continue to add frosting, a large spoonful at a time until the truffle mixture holds together well, it will probably be just a bit firmer than cookie dough.

Take around a tablespoon of the mixture and press it into the square fondant cutter. Pressing down with light pressure and making sure the top is even, add more mixture or remove as necessary.

Using your finger tips gently press the truffle mixture out of the square cutter by lightly pressing at each corner in turn until you have released the mixture. If you are having a lot of trouble with this step, chilling the truffle mixture may help.

Place the truffle squares on a tray lined with parchment paper and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.

NOTE: If you do not have a square cutter feel free just to roll the truffle mixture into balls using the palms of your hands and make round robot heads instead :)

*the amount of frosting you will need will vary depending on the size of your cake and even how moist the cake is so an exact measurement is not provided.

Step 2: Melt the Coating, Attach the Pop and Dip

Melt the candy coating by placing the melts in a clean dry microwave safe dish, adding a little paramount crystals * (or copha or crisco) and heating at medium low heat for bursts of 30 to 90 seconds. Stir the coating, return to the microwave and heat for another 30 to 90 second burst. Continue stirring between each burst until the mixture is smooth and melted.

Make sure your bowl and utensils are dry and that you do not overheat the candy melts. Either of these could result in the chocolate seizing up, which means it becomes lumpy and hard and not suitable for dipping.

* Add enough extra oil (Paramount crystals, copha or crisco) so that the melted candy coating is the consistency of condensed milk or corn syrup. Adding the oil is not essential but without the oil you may not end up with a smooth. I usually add a ratio of around 7 parts Wilton Candy Melts to 1 part paramount crystals or that would be 7oz Candy Melts to 1 oz paramount crystals or copha.

Step 3: Secure the Sticks to the Cake Pop Truffles and Dip the Pops

Take the square shaped cake pop truffles out of the fridge.

Holding the end of a lollipop stick dip the other end in the melted candy coating and push it about 1/2 " (1cm) into the side of a square cake pop truffle. The stick should be parallel to the baking tray the truffle is laying on.

Repeat for all the square cake pop truffles and then return to the tray to the fridge to chill for a further 10 minutes.

Ensure the candy coating is still melted and fluid, if not return to the microwave at medium low heat for between 30 - 90 seconds.

Remove the tray of cake pop truffles from the fridge.

Holding the end of a lollipop stick, submerge the whole square pop into the melted candy coating and lift out. Gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl and hold the pop parallel to the workbench/table until most of the excess candy coating has dripped off the pop.

Place the pops upright in styrofoam block or cake pop stand.

You will need to start the next step of decorating before you dip all the pops otherwise the candy coating will set too fast.

If at any stage you feel the cake pop truffle mixture has become too soft, I return to the fridge to chill again otherwise they may drop off in your candy coating.  This is likely to occur in hot and humid weather.

Step 4: Add the Candy Decorations

Quickly before the candy coating melts attach the candy decorations.

You will need 2 red M&M's  and 2 red choc chips for each pop.

Place an M&M on the side of each truffle pop for Robot ears/cogs and 2 red choc chips on the front of each pop for Robot eyes.

If your candy coating has already set, use a toothpick to scoop some candy coating onto the M&M's or sprinkles and use it as 'glue' to stick the decorations on the pop.

If the candy coating is still too wet the M&M's will be heavy and drag down, just wait a little while and it will start to set.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Once you have finished dipping all the pops, attaching the candy and they have set, take the robot pops out of the stand and lay down flat on a clean workbench.

Take an edible marker and draw a line above the eyes and a second line below the eyes, use the picture as a guide. If it is a humid day condensation may make it difficult to draw, just take a paper towel (viva towel) and carefully wipe condensation of the area you need to draw on.

Add yellow to the center of each eye by using a toothpick to apply a little of the excess yellow candy coating carefully to the center of each red rainbow sprinkle.

Yay - there you have it delicious and cool robot cake pops. This instructable is just a guide, you can of course use different colors and candy to make a variety of robot cake pops, see picture for red robot variation idea.

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    Thanks so much - I originally created these robot pops in red for my nephews first birthday and they were a bit hit.


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